Fan Vibrations: Affect Disc Burn Quality?



Just wandering here. :wink:

My PC has 5 fans(CPU, Video Card, Power Supply, and 2 Case) and when I touch it, there is slight, low-intensity vibration on the case. (I assume from the fans.) :sad:
Can this vibration affect media burn quality?
When shopping for a new PC, would a fan-less unit improve the burn quality?
Is setting the PC case on the tile floor better than on a lightweight desk or table?(to minimize the vibes in hopes of improving disc quality)
Has anyone done any concrete testing on this issue?
Oh, one last question–if the case is tilted slightly(2 or 3 degrees off horizontal) can this affect the burn quality?(Suppose my floor is not perfectly flat. :eek: )

Thanks for any thoughts on any of these issues from anyone in advance. :cool:


I wouldn’t have thought that this slight vibration would have had any significant effect on burn quality as this is quite normal (the # of fans) . Likewise a surface that’s not perfectly level is unlikely to have any effect providing the case sits on it securely.


Hard drives can cause vibration also. Good fans that don’t turn too fast shouldn’t cause vibration.

I’m a quiet freak so I just have a couple of good big slow turning fans. These don’t cause any vibration. But I’ve had hard drives that make my case hum if the mounting screws are loose.


I think such high frequency vibration won’t have a high enough intensity to matter, maybe very very very slight impact to the point of not worth doing anything about it. Drives are designed to cope with some operational vibration. As for being not level - maybe that will cause the motor bearings to wear unevenly - but granted that optical drives aren’t used that often and for that long - it’s not really all that important.


Suggest you look into Panaflo fans for quiet and vibration-free cooling. I have 10 of them running in my case with no vibration at all. (aluminum case)


Not at all. Make sure your drive is properly secured to your case with the 4 screws and level (as much as possible), your case drive remains still, the vibrations can be felt if you touch the metal casings of your tower, but those vibrations are not strong enough and will not have an impact on burn quality. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone, that’s a big relief.

Still, I wouldn’t mind the opinion of anyone out there with a fan-less PC setup who is finicky with their burn quality.

Thanks again.


Well, I used to be worried even about table vibrations with my DW400A [First burner, a BenQ DVD+R/RW 4x burner] and so I mounted it in an external box with sturdy rubber feet on a hard tile level floor. No percievable difference though, burn failure rates were the same, and later, when I could test burn quality - no conclusion could be reached … one was not consistently better than the other.


You’re wasting your time worrying about such an insignificant matter. Atleast 2 or 3 people (including a moderator) have told you not to worry about the vibration and you’re still worried? Do you fear the sky will fall the next day? C’mon man - this is really trivial

[I]“fan-less PC setup”[/I]… what PC do you know of that is built without any fans? That’s ridiculous. At the very least, you need a PC case fan to blow out the warm air from inside the case.


Maybe he wants a fanless system running entirely on frayon cooling and a nice compressor motor running :D:)


but wouldn’t the compressor motor cause the unwanted vibrations … transferred through the body of the case or table? [just a joke, i’m not really serious about this] but I’m sure he can’t afford one yet :stuck_out_tongue:

My solution of going external and on the floor is about the best you can get, but then … maybe he’d be worried about even ground seismic vibrations :smiley:

It’s perfectly fine, I will reassure you - especially if an unbalanced vibrating DVD drive above the writer can do an on-the-fly copy without measurable quality difference then that’s much worse than even a fan missing a fan blade going off balance!


Thanks. :flower:
I didn’t want to create a fuss with my question.
As I stated in my initial post, I was mentally wandering with this question.
If you have already done tests comparing a drive in a securely fastened external exclosure with one in a case with a normal number of generic fans and results showed there was no appreciable difference in burn quality–that’s good enough for me. :iagree:

BTW, although a completely fan-less system maybe going a bit far. Reducing the number of fans to one case fan(exhaust) would not be difficult at all. Many PC components are now manufactured with passive heatsinks to reduce noise and this would also reduce vibrations. Nonetheless, if the vibrations I can feel with my hand when touching the PC(when idling) are nothing to worry about(possibly already “factored in” by optical drive manufacturers) That’s great news! :clap:


My optical drives vibrate much more than my fans, when they are spinning a disc.

I have a new drive sitting on my desk, cabled to my computer. I can hear the vibration in the next room.


Actually having many hard drives might cause much more vibration than fans…

I have a thermaltake case, with 9 fans… and 6 internal hard drives :eek:

Yesterday I disconnected all my fans (left the case open to keep it cool), to test if they would make a difference.

It didn’t, 90% of the vibration in my case comes from the 6 internal hard drives, these really vibrate a lot, and it’s a kind of cyclical vibration, comes in “waves”… It is quite easy to feel it with my hand on the case top, and it isn’t quite “high frequency”, it feels like it could indeed hurt the burn quality.

Is it possible to make my Plextor Premium 2 an external drive? How can I do that? Is USB reliable enough? (I also have a lot of external USB stuff connected, hard drives and all)