Fan control/intel qst question

I have the following configuration:

  • GA-965P-DQ6
  • boxed Core 2 Duo with the intel boxed fan
  • several case fans

The intel boxed cpu fan is a 4-pin fan and is (of course) connected to the mainboard.
Several case fans are connected directly to the PS. Only the speed control signal line of one of those case fans is connected to the FAN1 speed control pin on the motherboard to have RPM displayed and eventual failure reported. So as said, even that case fan gets its power from the PS.

My problem:

Will there be pefect operation possible with BIOS set to “intel QST” instead of “Legacy” and “PWM” instead of “Voltage” entries, if power wise there’s no case fan connected to the mainboard? But would you please consider the speed control line connected to FAN1.