Family Tree's

has anybody looked theirs up?

i’ve just had mine done, there’s a couple of illegitimate kids :doh: & 1 case of bigamy :eek:

on my surname, i’ve looked up from 1771 to 1690 myself, we’ve not travelled far, since 1690 till now, we’ve went as far as 18 miles away, but then travelled 13 back in the same direction.

true saying, you can choose your friends, but not your family :bigsmile:

Bigamy! :bigsmile:

Haven’t looked mine up. I only really know about my dad’s side of the family anyway, as my mum was adopted, although we know her (natural) mum’s name. :slight_smile:

Good thread though, family trees have always interested me. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2202866]Bigamy! :bigsmile:

Haven’t looked mine up. I only really know about my dad’s side of the family anyway, as my mum was adopted, although we know her (natural) mum’s name. :slight_smile:

Good thread though, family trees have always interested me. :)[/QUOTE]

kinda the same as my father, he was brought up with his gran, so that line stops there

My dad was born in Perth (Scotland) and his side of the family all originate from that area. He moved south when he met my mum, she was living in Edinburgh but she was born in Gujarat (India) where all her family originate from that region.

There are some colourful characters on my dads side of the family. The most notable was one who fought against the English at the battle of Culloden in 1746. It’s more difficult to trace family on my mothers side, as they sort of fell out when my mum met my dad.

I have books made by my family. They are put away and buried underneath some stuff so exact dates i don’t have.

My fathers side came to USA from Germany after WWI and my mothers side came from England to USA around the same time. No hanky panky with either side that i know of.

My fathers side gets together every year for a family reunion which is nice. I never bothered to go when i was in my teens till i was 30 or so. I try to go now when i can. I email or call them once in awhile.

My mothers side doesn’t get together much. I saw my mothers sister a couple years ago. My mothers brother lives in Dallas,TX but i haven’t seen him since my mother died. The rest of her brothers and sisters are dead. I call my cousins once in awhile or email them.

Both sides of my family are scattered all over the USA. I’m not really sure about if any of my family is still in Germany or England. No one really has said anything about it.

My mother’s side of the family has been very well researched by a distant cousin of mine. She put together a rather large booklet and sent us a copy. Great cure for insomnia. :slight_smile: Not too many notable ancestors on that side…a colonel who fought for the South in the Civil War springs to mind. We seem to have French, English, Irish and Chickashaw Indians in the mix on that side.

My surname is so common I’d hate to try to research it. We only know the history back a few generations, mostly in eastern Texas.

I can trace my complete Ancestry back to 1100-ish

after that it’s easy enough to trace Fathers but their wives’
families get real difficult

Finding professional arseholes (royalty, and I mention it only by
way of excuse for my own general demeanor:) in your family tree
makes tracing ancestry a lot easier, because there are multiple
records of most things…


thats a fair time to get back Allan, not sure if out records will go that far back :confused:

There are a few missing wives families earlier than that according to my mother,
our semi-official family geneaologist.

Like I said if you can find one royal ancestor sections of your family tree fills out
like the empty spaces in the windows me “minesweeper”

Having criminals and/or politicians in your ancestry accomplishes much the same
thing… then isn’t saying “Criminals and/or politicians” a redundant statement?

Hey, I even have an ancestor that almost singlehandedly started a war…
Karma stepped in and he wound up being one of the first casualties of that war.

I have another ancestor that was actually on the voyage when the Dutch ripped
off the native americans when they purchased manhattan island.

And though I have Scot ancestors I am forced to cheer for the english
when watching that fiction movie “Braveheart”:slight_smile:
Because in truth if I ever met Edward the first I’d have to call him
grandfather… me and ~ half a million other people anyway…

And were it not for any of half a dozen intervening events
it’s POSSIBLE that Paparatzi would be following me around england…
(Oh! the horror…the Horror!) instead of my 23rd Cousin Henry:)

I remember a statistic that if you have ANY english ancestry
and more than one ancestor that emigrated to north america
prior to 1800 that you have a 1:6 chance of tracing ancestry
to some the King of England.

There’s an old saying that everyone has both in-laws and outlaws
in their family tree. (I’m not sure which of those classifications
royal ancestors that might be hiding in your family “woodpile” would fit in)

BTW, it has been claimed by geneticists that every single human on the
planet is decended from approximatly 5500 females that lived in east africa
some 75,000-100,000 years ago…

How ya doin cousin?

In effect if you go back far enough were are ALL essentially related.

That’s why racism is synonymous with stupidity

Tragically the most common racist belief is on the part of
a certain minority that automatically accuses “whites” of being racist.

Think of the irony, racisim being a cause for accusations of racism…

That to me is stupidity^3


Hehe, traced mine back to 1505. :slight_smile: