Family Guy fans out there?

I guess in the US you’ll see them way before us, but I just love Family Guy, the typical nonsense in one episode is great for relaxing. I feel it still doesn’t beat Southpark, but before we get new episodes here, I’ll probably be pretty much old :wink:

Any other fans?


I just had to say no



here here

I watch it every once in a while so I guess I’m a part time fan

Giggity giggity.
haha ya. Big fan here.

Hehe haxorthor, did you also see the latest episode? I found it on the web and love it…

Have you not head? :slight_smile:

For those who don’t know family guy, here’s a complication of the latest episode:

Nope, haven’t seen it yet.

Family Guy Rules!

I think my avatar tells my stance on Family Guy…:iagree:


Do I like Family Guy?
Check out my hard (giggety) drive specs.

Stewie & Brian:
Brian: (After Stewie breaks a drinking glass over his head) Oww! What the hell??
Stewie: Where’s my money? I want my freakin’ money man!! (Hits an injured Brian repeatedly) This is what happens, man! Yeah, this is what happens!!

I have the peanut butter jelly song as a ring tone on my phone for my BFF’s :slight_smile: