Family Guy DVD rip

I currently have SmartRipper and I have been trying to rip my Family Guy DVDs so I can have a hard copy on my computer to run through iTunes (for the iPod). When I rip my DVDs, the last minute or so of each episode is cut off and/or added to the beginning of the next episode. On SmartRipper, I have “Files” on the left side selected. In “Files” I have the VTS_03_1.VOB through VTS_03_7.VOB with the TVs next to them checked. As far as “Files/Backup” settings, under “Key - Check,” I have “every vob-file” checked. Under “Options,” I have “Region Free,” “Unlock drive,” and “DeMacrovision” checked. Under “VOB file access,” I have “auto” checked. What do you guys think? Oh, and if it makes any difference, I use Videora iPod Converter on the files to get the VOB files on my iPod. Thank you for any help.

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[QUOTE=BlitzKriegDKOH;2160790] What do you guys think?[/QUOTE]
That Smartripper is one of the oldest tools out there and has such completely outdated. DVD Decrypter should work if there’s no current copy protection (you didn’t say which Family Guy season) otherwise use DVD Fab HD Decrypter.