Family Guy and DVD2one 1.1.3 crashing

I decrypted the entire 1st Family Guy disc. I started DVD2one and chose full disk mode so I could downsize the entire disc (like I did with Jackass for example).
When I hit the start button on dvd2one to begin the processing it immediately crashes encountering an unknown error. I have searched and found that people have been able to do what I am trying to do with dvd2one. What am I doing wrong?
Please help.

Did you use DVD Decrypter V3.1.6.0 ? Well, don’t ! Please use V3.1.4.0 and let us know the result.


I’m curious. What have you found wrong with DVD Decrypter I’ve never had a problem with it with DVD2One. Version was another story though.
Have you had contact with Lightning UK about whatever problem you have with He routinely recommends DVD2One on his Support Board so I would think that he would be interested in getting any problems resolved between the two programs.

Well, I used DVD Decrypter ver. and got the same exact result.
DVD2One has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I decrypted by using the mode> iso> read then I extracted the iso/rar so I had all the vob files, etc. in a video ts folder.

Everything looked right. I click on my source folder (video ts), my destination folder (family guy2) in DVD2One and the second I hit the start button I get the above error I mentioned.

I have had a few different versions of DVD2One on my computer. There is nowhere in add/remove programs to uninstall DVD2one. I have simply deleted the previous versions. Could it have anything to do with that? I am frustrated.

Dont extract to an ISO file with DVD Decrypter, use FILE mode. Hit Ctrl-A to select ALL files and it will save them ALL to a VIDEO_TS folder also.

I have good contact with Lightning UK. Although I have no issues with DVD Decrypter V3.1.6.0 myself, V3.1.4.0 appears to work best with DVD2one. Lightning UK has changed something to the decryption routine in V3.1.5.0 and V3.1.6.0, but will change this back in a later version.

Ofcourse never use ISO mode to read the disk, always use FILE MODE, as instructed in the How to use manual on my website. First of all it is unnecessary, second there may be a bug in the IsoExtractor …


Originally posted by ChickenMan
Dont extract to an ISO file with DVD Decrypter, use FILE mode. Hit Ctrl-A to select ALL files and it will save them ALL to a VIDEO_TS folder also.

Man, it was Lightning UK that told me to use ISO mode. I was not aware that you can press Ctrl-A to select all the files. I tried manually going through every file and decrypted them to the same folder. I started DVD2one and it would at least let me selct a soundtrack, but when I hit next it said I was missing a file (video_ts_vob or something like that) and would not continue.

One question, where do I hit Ctrl-A? Do I just highlight the top PGC (orwhatever that is) and the hit Ctrl-A? Sorry for the silly question, its just that I have been wondering how to do that ever since the GUI changed a few versions ago. I can’t believe I didn’t already try ctrl-A.

Thanks guys, you have been very helpful. I hope I am getting close to making this work.