Family Arguments

You know the old saying ‘you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family’ well does anybody else feel like ripping a family members head off at times? im talking mainly about at occasions such as weddings, funerals, christmas etc, i find it usually starts off with patronising comments or bossy family members. Well now im old enough to tell people to stick their comments up their a*se so to speak i shall do just that! or does anybody reckon its best to just let it go? :confused: if i spend more than a day with my dad we end up wanting to ram each others heads into a brick wall :a

I don’t have that opinion of my family :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes I get a little bit upset with my dad/mom/sister, but that feeling goes away a couple of minutes after…afterall, we share the same genes :slight_smile:

Lock me and my sis into one room for 1 hour … blood all over the place. :iagree:

Have no such problems with my family :slight_smile:

I don’t have any problems with any family member nowadays. They leave me alone and i leave them alone. If, at the normal social events (funeral,marriage,party) some family members tend to make remarks as “how’s love business” or “you know so much about computers, i have this problem”, i tell them to mind their own business.

There’s also a nice solution to all this:

At marriages my aunts would always poke me in the ribs and tell me.“You’re next!”. Since i do the same to them at funerals, they’ve stopped that annoying habit.

No problem with my family… because I’m the man! :smiley:

At marriages my aunts would always poke me in the ribs and tell me.“You’re next!”. Since i do the same to them at funerals, they’ve stopped that annoying habit.

LOL i’ll have to remember that one! :smiley:

Nice concept of familly :stuck_out_tongue:


Allthough I get pissed off with my family, (doesnt any teenager?), they arnt bad, my parents are together, and in comparison its good, so no, no real family problems :slight_smile:

My 2 girls used to fight i think they still have differences but have learnt to get along a little better;) a clairvoient once told me that “your children would never choose one another as friends” i also grew up with 5 sisters and we were always fighting .

With parents, not always good. With my own wife and daughter, impossible to have anything like fight or disagreement because I am the god. That doesn’t necessarily mean my wife will gradually see me as my mother did to her husband and it doesn’t mean my daughter will look at me the way I looked at my father. Future was my mission because of what I didn’t have and babies are the future.

As I first often said when I started posting on CDFreaks forums, free speech is not available for/from me. People who read my posts on sensitive issues have to imagine wildly until I sort out my nationality problems. :slight_smile:

At first reading of Mr.Brownstone’s post, I felt it was not right to feel towards a father that way. While I was offline for about half a hour or perhaps for an hour, I thought about my own family and what I felt sometimes about my father. I was far worse and it really helped me to have my own views on life and intelligence after all. There must be so many things to say about one’s own family for everyone to make up for thick volumes of autobiography since family is the life to almost anyone in the world.

oh my … Mr…NOW I know what to tell all those pesky aunts…that keep trying to get me married…(my dad grew up in a huge family…he had 7 brothers…3 sisters…a half sister …and 2 half brothers…)so some of my cousin’s are always getting married at like 18 or so…I got tired of telling them i was waiting on Mr.Right…so i just started saying …Its Illegal here to marry the same sex…:)…most of them turn red and walk away…but I like your comment better…

If this include family by marriage(in-laws) I could go on all day.

wasn’t that bad in the begining but now I wish i could rip there head off and thinking about moving to the otherside of the US so they will leave me alone but i dont want to be that far from my family which i do get along with pretty well

Hm. My father-in-law must be in Seoul now with his son. Last time he visited Seoul, he came here on the next day. To him, I’m worth less than one of his dogs.

There is noone I would shoot or kick his/her head in…but I am not a real family man…
It is more that when I am with family, I can have fun, but I am also glad when it is over…and don’t look forward to next time. Exception to this are my grandmothers.

But even my parents, who I love for all they have done for me, I don’t have to see them as often as they would like to see me…it is weird perhaps, but I just don’t cling to family that much…

Depends who’se place it is … or what you are doing.

If you’re at your parents place, they’re the boss, at your place, you’re the boss.
If you are working on your gear … you’re the boss, working on their gear, they’re the boss.

Simple :wink:

If they’re the boss, you can make suggestions like … I wouldn’t delete your boot partition if I were you … but it’s up to you of course :wink:

If you’re the boss … If you delete my boot partition … I’ll have your head sitting on my letter holder for the remainder of eternity.

my wife and 2 teenage daughters have compertitions to see who can shout the loadest until i but in with a HEY ENOUGH .

Women never get on :wink:

Hmmm. Interesting topic. Doesn’t it all start with family and its values? At least in the States I believe it does. And as soon as the fffffffing Govnmnt. took away the right for an adult to dicipline their child, our world(the U.S.A.) went right down the toilet. Now I said dicipline, not abuse. Back in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s a parent had the right to dicipline their child. We didn’t have the gang issues then. We could leave our doors open at night or for an entire week without fear. But then our lovely Government decided to give the children more rights than the parents. Spank your child now and you have a good chance of being arrested. I got plenty of whoopings with a belt and it didn’t make me any worse a person. I could go out at night to play with the neighborhood kids without the fear of being kidnapped. Now I can’t even let my 7yr. old girl go to the park without an adult. Somethings really f___ed up with this picture. Sure would be nice to see my daughter be able to enjoy the freedoms that I had as a child. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Kenshin to raise his beautiful child in this era. Sure would be nice to see peace throughout the world where we ALL could enjoy the world without the distractions of terrorists and the other fruitcakes out there. I sure as hell hope my daughter can and all of you folks out theres kids can also cuz it does start in the home. Peace be with you all and I’ll shut up now and quit boring you. But if I made any sense to just one person, it was worth the time to speak my mind.:bigsmile:


Australia is following the US’s lead … Something I’ll have to look forward to, when I have kids …