Familiar Interface?

Is it just me or does this interface bear a stricking resemblance to that of K3B?
Only the proprietary Nero icons on the taskbar seems different.

Some parts of the GnomeToaster project GUI have been taken as a base for the NeroLINUX GUI… and as far as I remember, k3b went out after GnomeToaster.

There are others who seen to agree with you.
Personally, I’m quite disappointed with the GUI. But maybe it was their intention to indulge in simplicity.

It took a thorough beat down Here

Well, the slashdot comments are quite stupid as most of the time. People who have never used NeroLinux try to judge it. K3B IS a nice peace of work … if it runs. It’s problem quite often is that it has to use external apps to get its work done. If new cdrecord handels something different, nothing may work. If a new kernel comes out, forget about buring a cd. Oggtools change? Go boot your windows-installation.
Sure, the GUI ist KDE’yfied and quite pretty (if you like the style), but thats just eye-candy. I would have liked a qt-version like many others, but licensing parts of the GnomeToaster GUI for initial release should have been a lot cheaper and faster than developing a new GUI. If those “Linux guys” want eye candy why dont they use a Mac? Oh oh , I forgot, it’s not “free” and no one can see “the code” if the want to. But to be honest: 99,87% of those folks never wrote even the simplest app in C or Java or anything else. Just because of knowing how to type yast2 on the command line does not make a Linux-Pro. :slight_smile:

Hopefully Nero will release some information about future development (if any).


Never had problems burning a cd with K3B. I don’t like QT very much, prefer the Gnome-Style. I hope that Nero will burn DVD’s with my burner, because growisofs is not able to do so. Tried to contact the mailing list but after 2 or 3 mails noone was interested in the problem any more. So i am really happy there is a NeroLinux. Go on with the work.

I remember not long ago trying to just copy a simple svcd or other multi-sessioned disks. There was absolutely no go (neither on my primary Gentoo nor on my playground SuSE). Normal Audio or Data-CDs work just fine. Few days ago I tryied to just drag’n’drop some ogg files to burn a CD for my car. K3b showd them as “good” files, I was able to play them in K3B as well, but burning did not work (it says that it was unable to write to buffer for strange reasons :)). Nero did just fine with the very same tasks.

QT would be a good decision for the future because of its cross-platform availability. It’s not just a GUI thing, QT is a complette application development framework for audio, video, database etc. That would make things much simpler once theres one base for win, linux and even maybe the mac.

Well, I asked a Nero guy and they are using GTK1 for “compatibility”
reasons…I suggested GTK2 for a nicer look. That might come as
that becomes more and more common, but LOOK isn’t what I’m looking
for…it’s function and reliability. THIS is where the action is.

Anyway, over time, I’m sure that the Nero crew will tweak things and
make things better over time. I just commend them for the effort. I just
installed it on my laptop today, but don’t have anything to burn right
now! Works fine on my “mainframe” at home, so far. easy to understand
a and use.

So, hats off to Nero for acknowledging the ever-growing Linux base out there.

Yes. That is absolutly true. As we are supporting old versions of Red Hat and SuSE that does not integrate GTK+ 2.x, we are still developping with GTK+1.2 that is quite stable and lightweight.

Just got to Puerto Rico for the night…playing catch up. And I have no objection
to that…gtk 1.2 works fine. As I said, it’s function and reliability that counts,
and typically, Nero has done a good job with that…and when things go
wrong, the fix it pretty fast. So…we’ll move on from the GUI and look
at how this thing really works!