False readout of avi



Hello everyone,
I hope you can help me. My Sony HDD won’t play AC3 audio. So I use Avidemux to change audio codec to mp3. I have done it for many movies before and never had a problem.
However, the last movie I converted shows as 0 Bytes when I try to burn it with Nero Startsmart 8. I can view the movie when it’s in the movie folder, it shows as 876 bytes. But as soon as I put it in Nero ready for burning, it shows 0 bytes. All other movies show the right amount of bytes and can burn.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks guys.


Are you converting a DVD–> to AVI ?..Or are you extracting the ac3 audio only and converting to mp3?..Try MediaInfo to show the specs of your file(s)…?
Try VLC for instance, to play AC3 audio…As will other apps…Also make sure when saving ouput with AviDemux, to always include the file extension…(e.g .mp3, .mpg, .avi etc…
Need more details…