False Protection?

I have several audio CD’s that “claim” to be protected. They have that little transparent sticker saying it is copy protected and on the back it says that mumbo jumbo about how it is digitally protected. THEN WHY THE HELL CAN I BACK IT UP PERFECTLY WITH NERO!?

Maybe it’s some crazy scheme to make people think it is protected so they don’t attempt to back it up, saving them lotsa money, i dunno.

Also i dunnot see why the copy protect guys don’t make some f**k off protection, that no-one can get past for years (not saying they should or I couldn’t back up my games). This would result in the Pc game produces saving alot of money.

I’d like to hear your views,


(Sorry, i got a bit angry in that first paragraph)

If your reader/reader writer can handle junk sessions and illegal TOCs then there is no problem.

What about my protection idea?

It is not possible to make an uncrackable protection. Smart people will always find ways around every method.

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What about my protection idea?

It’s called the chess game. The constant combination of recycling of old ideas and tossing in a few new ones. Somebody comes up with and idea they rememer from a past game…rook pawn 9, and maybe a second move king pawn 7…copy protection…sombody other side of the board is pretty skiled at chess too…says ahhhhh haa…bishop queen 3…checkmate.

For copy protections to work…but still be playable in set top boxes…game consoles…cd/dvd players…there are some standards they have to adhere to, hence it’s done this way.

btw…it keeps alot of people employed…:slight_smile:

its just to scare end users in the shops,
e.g oo that record label says protected i wont be able to copy it best not buy it

the only thing they are doing is…

losing sales and money, this basically with cd protections is all about!!:bigsmile:

Hexalock is very hard to backup, these aren’t “copy protections” it is “copy controlled or limited”. You will never find a protection that is uncrackable, just like an encryption that is uncrackable…no such thing m8

Hi M8
There is a Cd out there that cant be copied.Its the Data CD on all versions of UK Info Disks. Its is protected by a water mark. Tried all sots of software including Clony CD builder and twin peek methods,but will not work.
If you know different then please send on how to copy ths CD

Try scanning this CD-ROM with A-Ray Scanner www.aray-software.com , and tell us what protection this disk has.

I have downloaded A-RAY Scanner and it is protected by Securom.
I have used most of the copying metheds including latest Alcohol.
as I have mentioned,it has this water mark protection thing.

May I add Although the install CD on UK Info Disk will copy ind install ok,but when I done a scan with A-RAY Scanner it says its protected by SeCoron 484.0011 Detected E:\Ukid.exe Strange this cos this is the file that starts up the program. Getting confused now??? :confused:

Do you mean SecuROM 4.84.0011?
If so…
It is possible to make a backup of this. You can just use the SecuROM New [4.x/5.x] Datatype in Alcohol 120%. You will need to enable ‘RMPS Emulation’ in Alcohol 120% for this backup to work.


There is a twinpeaks method, but that is a little more complicated. But it doesnt require emulation (RMPS).


Yes, it does say it is used for SecuROM 4.8x, but it works just as good with SecuROM 5.x


Don’t worry. It is detecting the guard module( the feature that checks the CD) built into the program. You will find that most copy protections have their executable protected, and you will find some with another file protected.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!