False advertising?

Hi chaps.

This is the catchline for some ritek dvd-r at e-buyer in the UK.

“Traxdata RITEK 50 Pack x8 DVD-R Cello Wrapped Genuine GRADE “A” Full Face Printable GO5 dye.
The most reliable and the best performance disc around, the number 1 best selling disc in the UK used by professionals for data back up and duplication.”

This seems somewhat at odds with comments in the forums here.

I must admit that I have used Ritek discs almost exclusively for the past couple of years and thinking that they were the best have always put down the glitches and data loss as incompatible hardware. But, having had a good peruse, I have just ordered a pack of Taiyan Yudo from Bigpockets and hope that they are the real thing and not fakes. What do you think? Or have I got it wrong again?

This is what I have ordered.

DVD-R Printable: Taiyo Yuden Duplication 16x White Full Face Inkjet Printable DVD-R. These Are Offical TY Disc Brought From Offical TY Distributors…

Manufacturer Taiyo Yuden
Dye Type TYG03
Top Surface Colour White Printable
Max. Storage Time 120Min / 4.7Gb
Max. Writing Speed 16x
Package Shrink Wrapped

Taiyo Yuden’s 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02) is the best and even better than TYG03. :slight_smile:

TYG03 is still a very good disc, IMHO :slight_smile:

Same here. I just don’t use as many TY03’s as i do TY02’s as i don’t have as many :rolleyes:

TYG03 (Panasonic branded here) is excellent in my experience , way better than my Sony T02 (due to a bad batch perhaps) :slight_smile:

Stretching the truth, just a little bit! :slight_smile:

I find the Panasonic -R (Made in Japan) very good too. I bought some from a local shop a few months ago. I wish that I had bought more because their new stock of Panasonic -Rs are all made in India.

I also found some five packs TDK +R 8x (YUDEN000T02) in a local shop. The price is a bit steep at E5 per pack. Scan here:

I am far more concerned with this type of False Advertising.

  1. Maxell selling CMC and Ritek but claiming on the packaging that it uses HGX stamper technology. Which is totally untrue. Maxells technology is far higher than riteks.
  2. Sony selling TY discs claiming it uses AccuCoRe. Obviously it doesnt being a TY disc.
    Now this raises two questions. 1. If Sony is willing to pass TY off as using AccuCoRe, then why not infosmart? Or does technology like HGX and AccuCoRe even exist? Is it just marketing guff?

AccuCORE means: [I]Fast Addressing[/I], [I]Wide Compatibility[/I], [I]Stable Writing[/I], [I]Temperature Adaptability[/I], [I]Archival Reliability[/I] (according to a 25 disc cakebox of Sony 8x DVD-R).
But almost every DVD media qualifies for most of these things nowadays (except for [I]Archival Reliability[/I])…

The only ones who are halfways honest with their [I]DataLifePlus[/I]/Advanced Azo/SERL stuff are Verbatim :bigsmile:

I often find that as far as ty goes;

T03 (very good results on the TH000021 batch, not so on others)

You’ll find most products in any industry have very little truth in advertising, along the lines you’re asking for. Their brand name alone can be seen as devious to many, as you’re not exactly sure who’s product you’re really getting.

A lot of it is fluff.

These phrases are crap, they mean nothing whatsoever:
“most reliable”
“best performance disc around”
“number 1 best selling disc”
“used by professionals”

Like most politicians, those are just words for the sake of words. They mean nothing.

“Grade AAA+”

That phrase isn’t meaningless. :disagree:

That phrase is used specifically for selling mediocre or bad media by pretending it’s very good. :wink: