Falling DVD recorder prices takes toll on manufacturing

I just posted the article Falling DVD recorder prices takes toll on manufacturing.

At one
time the DVD recorder was a big moneymaker for recorder manufacturers. But
steadily falling prices have creaed margins so slim that many are beginning to
see profits falling at an…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9824-Falling-DVD-recorder-prices-takes-toll-on-manufacturing.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9824-Falling-DVD-recorder-prices-takes-toll-on-manufacturing.html)

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and things will get worse as the popularity of these devices just keeps growing! and riaa mpaa or whoever they are team up to create better copy protections ho what a roundabout :g

this is a good thing. this means that manufacturers have to push for more features. well, i guess what i mean is that companies will soon only make dual layered burners. i have a feeling dvd9 media prices are going to rapidly fall at a specific point. theyve been the same for a long time, but i have a feeling once it falls over the edge prices will drop rather quickly.

Heh I just saw a Sony drive on sale and it comes with 2 dual layer discs.

The biggest reason why technology differs in other markets is because of this simple scenario… Everybody is burning CDs, which cost around $50 and discs average $.25 each. DVD comes along which virtually replaces CD burning. Everybody wants to do it, but not pay more than they are for CD burning. Companies who come close to matching this need sell the most drives. But the cost cutter often means some companies lose profit in an effort to be the #1 seller hoping that title will lead them to future profit.

A chance for the consumer to stick the boot in…:X