Fall 2003, what it will be? 64x, 72x?

One year from now what burning speed will be available?
Of course answer is based on technical stuff, but my guess is:


we’ll still be at 52x

I’m sure they will break 52x barrier in the firts quarter of the next year.

I believe 52x is it. To go beyond this will require closer tolerances in media manufacture. The RW ability will probably keep increasing until it gets very close to the 52x burn speed.

The fact that burner prices have dropped signifcantly this year, with major manufacturers bringing out faster models every few months is an indication that the DVD RW will soon be the next standard at a very affordable price. The speed race will then start all over again!

I guess somewhere around 56x will be the max. speed CDRW drives ever will reach. After that, CDRs become killerdiscs :).

I think DVD writing is the future…

If Lite-On could perfect a dual beam thingy, we could get 104x at the same rotation speeds. But the Kenwood drive didn’t turn out so well, and DVD writing is getting cheaper and more compatible all the time, so I think we’ll all just use DVDs.

I think 56x is kinda the upper limit…

I think technically 100x is no big deal, but commercially - 72-80x could be a limit. CD still will be around for awhile, but standard in 2004-05 might be DVD burner 8x/CD burner 80/72/64.

BTW, where are your votes?!

You should have a 56x vote option:) . I think 56x is probably the top limit

Well, you can vote 62x, we will count your vote as 56x.

CDRW is soon to be dead, as DVD and other technologies take over. 16x DVD burning will be the next goal, but first they have to sell you a 4x, and a 8x DVD burner.

If DVD takes over next year, how are we gonna listen to music?
I don’t think SACD and DVD-Audio will conquer the world in 2 years. My point is that DVD will be for data and movies, and CD still will be dominant music format for another 3-5 years.
So combo burner like i mentioned before (DVD-R 8x/CD burner 80/72/64. ) will be neccessity in the nearest future.

My point was that the companies, (LiteOn has stated this), won’t be developing new CDRW technologies, but will be developing DVD instead, so the current crop of CDRW drives is about all we’ll see, speed-wise.

Yeah, that what i was saying - that technically there is no obstacles for driving up the burning speed, but companies look for profit, and if they feel DVD is winning, that’s all for CD burning.

So your vote is: 52x - is the last speed barrier, correct?

I believe that the speed of 52x to overcome, will be had to invent new mechanical technologies, for example, to increase the number of the lasers, as had tried to make Kenwood for the cd-rom readers…


Well, increasing number of lasers is already possible technically, but burner obviously will cost more, so question is if companies can deliver inexpensive device with higher speed next fall.
I think they will.