FalconMedia & FTI the same company?

Not to sound dumb but if you type - falcon cdr - in google or amazon you have links to some media that looks like its branded with PPO/FTI “falcons” and some that’s labled FalconMedia. i’m pretty sure what i’m looking for is falconmedia if i want the good stuff, right? seems like there are alot of mixed reviews on falcon cdr’s if you do some digging.

I guess FTI is the manufacturer and Falcon is the brand name.

Can´t say anything to the CD-Rs, but actual DVD-R from FTI is crap

well if say you google falconmedia smartguard and look at the packaging it just says FalconMedia and nowhere does it say anything about FTI. guess i’m just gonna go w/ my gut and get the falconmedia smartguard’s because they’re suppose to be the best behind old school TY’s??? ok, yeah tapeonline has FTI’s labeled as falconmedia so i will steer clear of anything w/ the FTI badge on it. …unless you’re saying the new falcons’ are garbage too?

Get the ones labelled pro
Two quality levels, normal and pro
Pro is the good stuff

FTI = Falcon Technologies International.

I can only say my Falcon are awful, don´t have Pro. I wouldn´t expect to much after this experience. I guess Verbatim with MCC-code would be better and easier to find

Verbatim life series is not the same as AZO series
Falcon is not same quality level as Falcon Pro
Pro have higher QA and manufacturing quality levels

I wrote with MCC-code :wink:

It´s not so good as older MCC-media but better than the most other actual media

I don´t have Falcon Pro, so I don´t know the actual quality level. The Falcon-topic is dead, my scans are the only ones since 2009.

I don´t trust manufacturers which have a Pro and Non-Pro-line. Pro is maybe better, but as long nobody prove that actual Falcon Pro are good I wouldn´t pay much more (the only Pro I found costs 70€ for 100pcs) for it

its just now if you google it, it looks like there are alot of fake TY’s and Verbatim MCC’s coming from china. prob ones in the bulk packs from amazon and ebay because at that point they only got to fake the sticker… maybe i’ll try and pick up some FalconMedia smartguard cdr’s and do some scans. looks like nero scans is what you guys are looking for?. also i am running plextor px-891saf plus. is it worth scanning w/ this drive? read something in another thread that maybe this drive is useless for scans?

I can confirm with my personal testing that the difference between FalconMedia Pro and Falcon Value is like night and day. The Pro line is extremely high quality.

Verbatim AZO and Life Series
PRO - Not Pro
Same thing

Have you tried both with actual media?

My experience is most manufacturers getting worse, especially in the last years.

I have TTH02-media since 2005 or so, was never the best media, I guess the (not actual) hype here was because even MCC-media get worse

My FTI are not china-fakes, saw never Fakes with FTI-codes, mostly fakes are TY or MCC

Some of these Verbatim-series I never saw in Germany and so I don´t have it. But I guess you mean the series with MCC-codes and with MBI, which are totally different.

Actual I ahve bunches of media, so I will buy rarely new media

Anyone knows what means PRO Basic?


Basic sound cheap, Pro expensive

I am surprised to see the negative comments on FTI media. I have nothing but excellent experience with their products, including Value line and their budget line Maxtec branded DVDs, which are possibly even lower grade than Value line.

How long ago you bought it?

Expect newer Ritek-media all actual media seems to be much more worse than in begin of 16x-times, even with same MID and from same manufacturer.

Can you tell me is the media Pro or Non-Pro?


oh now that’s funny! don’t know if i would pull the trigger on some PRO basic… especially when you look at the description and see (for a DVD mind you)


  • CD-R for a professional use


and btw looking now at their site --> http://falconrak.com/products/
they are showing 4 consumer and 1 medical grade variety and they 4 consumer are blue, green, silver, and gold and then you got choices of faces (white,silver,thermal/inkjet, etc, etc) this is getting real confusing now because they don’t give any part #'s!!? … Unless you open the PDF’s and zoom in on the cake boxes!!! :slight_smile: Got my eye on some of those diamonds!!!

I bought them about 5 years ago along with some IT Media Silver Shiny 16x DVD-Rs (not sure what “grade” they are) and their quality was very good too.

No idea, try asking them directly: http://falconrak.com/contact-us/

In the early days of CD-R, “CD-R for Professional” meant for use with computer CD writers. “CD-R for Consumer (Audio)” meant for use with standalone audio CD recorders.

I will ask them :slight_smile:


On german page the shop wrote DVD, looks like the translator was drunken :wink:

Interesting, I though TTG02 is made for TDK by CMC.

And can´t believe they still produce DVD-R DL

looks like the good one’s say “premium” where the ones on the page you linked say “basic”. hope you aren’t disappointed. but, hey if they are working for you then all’s good right? next time i get paid i’m looking at the falcon “diamond” 's. those look like the best of the best.