I noticed that Mediarange now appears to be using Falcon for some of their media:


Has anyone tried these already?

The packaging of most discs looks like standard FTI-stuff.

Haven´t tried Premium Line, but I´m disappointed with their Value Line, which is EOL.

I have better MCC/TY-fakes, even last stuff of MBI is better and is also good readable at highest speed

+R is a bit better, but I would prefer Ritek

The DL are OK with some writers, butis hard to get and mostly expensive

If I get PremiumLine for a good price, I would test. If itis expensive, not

I suppose there is no reason for Mediarange media to be different from Falcon branded, but in this case you could complain to them and see what they have to say about it.

I see Premium Line, Dupli Line, Mediline and Century Archival Line under FalconMedia, but I wonder if they all use the same TDK MID?


Falcon have also own MIDs, like

-R : FTI RG16
+R: FTI 016
+R DL: FTI R08

But these MIDs seem to be rare, I have only the DL.

TTH-codes are easier to find, had TTH01 and TTH02 long time ago. Maybe TTH and TDK-codes are better supported by the DVD-writers

as MAM DVD-R 8x (bought 2005 at CDFreaks-Shop Romstore)

as Datawrite Red 16x

Much better than my actual TTH02

Many of Mediarange’s media were made by Moser Baer, so now they will have to switch to a different manufacturer. I think this will either be Falcon or CMC, which can only be an improvement.

Falcons DVD+R DL looks better than MBI DL, but CMC DL is much more worse.

DVD-R from CMC could be fine, Falcons -R, at least the media I have, is the worst solution.

DVD+R from CMC looks not better than MBI, Falcon is in this case the better one.

I would not be surprised if Mediarange mix em all and also use Umedisc

In my shops I don´t find any Mediarange by Falcon, I guess most of these media is still MBI, even these:




Not sure about this one, maybe Ricoh-Fakes by Ume oder Ume?