Falcon Smart Guards



I haven’t bought any White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD-R’s, DVD+R DL’s, or BD-R’s for awhile but really like the Falcons for recording quality & printing surfaces. I have a Canon ip4300 and I refill my own ink.

I’m noticing now that most of the Falcon’s are Smart Guards, are these harder for your printer to print on? I believe a few years ago I tried a sample of Ty’s WaterShield disk and it didn’t print the best… the disk didn’t soak up the ink. Any printing issues with these Smart guards?

I found some of these Falcon Pro BD-R Smart Guards at two websites but they vary widely in price… don’t these appear to be the same?

CDRom also has these that apparently aren’t Smart Guard but they don’t say PRO on them so I can’t tell if they are the budget/Corporate line?