Falcon Pro Media



I’ve been using Falcon Pro Media White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD-R 8X & DVD+R DL 8X for a few years now with great results. I also really like the printing surface. I use the DVD-R’s as much as possible because they are cheaper.

Anyway I’ve been buying them from CDRomToGo and while they still have the DL’s I don’t see any of the SL’s I’ve been using. I know Falcon makes a Corporate/Standard line and a Pro line so don’t want the former.

I found two other places that appear to have the Pro’s but I’m not sure: http://www.mediasupply.com/falcon-smart-white-inkjet-dvd.html & https://www.discmakers.com/shop/ItemDetails.aspx?ItemID=DVD034-00002

If it says Pro then it can’t be the cheaper line right? I contacted discmakers two years ago and they said they carried the Corporate line but maybe that has changed now.

Since neither is the standard White Inkjet surface I have been using will I notice any difference in the Smart Whites? I tried a Ty Yuden Smart White a couple of years ago and my inkjet printer apparently wouldn’t print on it but I am refilling my own cartridges so don’t know if that was a factor. Never had a problem printing on anything else though. I’d hate to buy Smart Whites again and then they wouldn’t print.


We use BlueMedia sometimes, along with MegaMediaMall, but I think there are shipping-cost differences that are determinant.


Thanks BlueMedia has the same ones I have been using and even says “For Professional Use”. The price is $40 shipped so not bad.

Still would like to know if any have compared the regular white inkjet print surface to Smart White.


I checked around and didn’t find a usage history of Smart Whites. We have used your Reg Whites with great success but also the Glossy Whites with superb results. The discussion around our shop is “Glossy is best for personal and small runs, but not worth the cost-difference for most of our purposes.”

That still doesn’t answer your question about SmartWhites. I think some “smart white” surfaces were brought out to address the fading concerns but we’ve got 10 year old inkjet CDs and DVDs (in both graphics and text-only) that appear as vivid and crisp as ever so ‘improved against fading’ never made a favorable impression - it seemed more like a marketing gimmick than addressing some fault we’d witnessed.