Falcon Media Pro Dupli Line?

Just bought some Falcon 16x fullface dvd-r from here

The website states these are Falcon Pro discs and the price of them isn’t cheap either. However on the label it just reads FalconMedia Dupli Line part number 3010328504000510

Now i have heard of Falcon Value Line and Corporate Line but this Dupli Line is a new one on me. The code of the discs is TTH02 and they scan well but just wondering if these are Pro discs or not?


I’ve never heard about the Dupli line either. :eek:
Could you post some scans? Thanks in advance.

I had 100 TDK branded Duplicator Series made by Falcon-full face Silver Inkjet, they were excellent burning. Probably the same but not sure.

Thanks for the replies. Got an email back from the company i bought them from and they say
The discs came boxed with the words Falcon Media Pro on the boxes

Here is a scan of the dvd-r burned at 6x

The PI seems a little high compared to the Falcon Smart White i bought a month or so back. But i was messing around with firmware back then