Falcon/ FTI optical media review stats - preliminary data

Per request, we started gathering some Falcon optical media review stats. We have some early data, that is already statistically significant, on their DVD media. Reviews are 86.1% positive, +/- 6% error at 95% certainty, primary issues are coasters, some incompatibilities, no archival failures so far, good printing qualities. So far (it’s early) we have made no distinction between different media ratings (Pro/ other) within their offering.

The rating is roughly equivalent to Verbatim non-premium (slightly lower really, but the difference is not quite statistically significant). It is significantly lower than Panasonic, Sony, Verbatim premium, and Taiyo Yuden/ JVC. It is significantly better than Kodak, Maxell, Memorex, Optical Quantum, TDK, VinPower. At this stage we seem to detect some significant batch-to-batch variation.

It will be difficult to get some statistically significant data on their Blu Ray media if what we are finding so far holds true (just not that much out there). It would be helpful if those users who have burned a spindle or more of Falcon BD-R or BD-RE were to summarize their experience in this thread, if they are willing. If you do, also please let us know how long ago you started to burn Falcon BR media, and if you have recently tested some reads on your early burns. Thanks!

We’ll update the thread as we go. Take care all - GG