Fake Verbatim or just new packaging?

I’ve just received delivery of 100 Verbatim MCC004 (43512) MIT but the packaging is different to every pack of these I’ve received in the past and indeed the picture on the website where I ordered them from.

I’ve attached a (rather poor quality, sorry) picture but basically the blue pack on top is the one’s I usually receive and the purple pack underneath is the one I just received.

They both state 43512 MIT on them and the blue pack has a 2004 “Mitsubishi Chemical Company” copyright date on it, whilst the purple pack has a 2007 “Mitsubisihi Kagaku Media Company” date. The blue pack has a “Advanced AZO+” logo on it, whilst the purple pack just says “AZO”.

I’m thinking the blue pack is meant for the US market and the purple pack for Europe, as the latter has a couple of translations on it “Printable” -> “Imprimable” “50 Pack” -> “Unites”.

Anyway, just wanted to check these aren’t dodgy before I opened them, so if anyone can put my mind at rest I’d be grateful.

Incorrect, the blue pack is Verbatim Europe’s characteristic design. Verbatim US had a duller design.
But Verbatim are changing the packaging style so what you get now is the purple packs. It seems to be legit.
Check hub codes to be sure.

Thanks for the putting my mind at rest. I was just a bit nervous as it’s the first time I’ve ordered from this particular supplier.

Hub code is PAPA, same as the blue pack.

I slightly prefer the old packaging, as it has a paper sleeve that remains around the pack which makes it a bit easier to identify, whereas the purple one has nothing once the plastic sealing is removed (other than the disc shaped piece of paper that sits on top of the discs) and being white top printables, the discs themselves have no identifying marks other than the hub code.

But I’ll live :slight_smile:

The packaging for Verbatim media has had a major overhaul within the last year or so.

The European packaging for 50pc Verbatim 16x DVD+R Wide Photo Printable (Product Number 43512) should look like this:

Your picture looks like it’s orange instead of purple (like for the DVD-R media) - is that just a colour problem with your camera/picture?

Thanks for the (decent) picture. My packs look exactly like that so everything seems to be OK.

I did reduce the colour depth on that picture to shrink the file size before posting but the camera on my phone is complete rubbish so it probably looked the same before that :slight_smile: