Fake Verbatim Media

Verbatim in Singapore sent an email to a consumer in South Korea confirming that the disks they received are fake.


Dear Mr. Park

We checked out DVD sample, named AZUL, which you sent to Verbatim laboratory.
Verbatim laboratory confirmed that AZUL is product having nothing to do with Verbatim DVD.
We have never launched such products in any region.

Pls inform other consumers that AZUL is not Verbatim products , such fake products can cause serious damage on their important data.
so consumer should not purchase AZUL.

Best Regards
Kim. Young-Joo
Verbatim Marketing Singapore PTE LTD

The fake media were produced in Taiwan and they are sold in the US market as well probably under the same “AZUL” brand name but also under many other names. If you are uncertain before you buy, send emails to both the store webmaster and Verbatim.

Could you elaborate on how they deceptively associated the name AZUL (meaning Blue Sky in Spanish) with Verbatim ?

Same box and logo design ? MCC media code ? Playing on AZO dye ?

The information would help avoid similar cases.

Thank you.

Because I knew before reading such posts at the reseller’s homepage, I didn’t bother at all. I heard from some members that they have seen Verbatim media under “Azul” brand name at half the Verbatim retail media made in Singapore there so I said they are surely fakes and so better be ignored completely. The media reseller’s done such things in the past without making it easy for consumers to determine what media they are buying exactly. They have invented many brand names themselves which I think is the worst thing anyone in the media industry can do whether it’s Ritek or Princo.

Here is the link.


버바팀 is Verbatim in Korean but there are some lines where Verbatim is spelled in English.

Personally, I don’t think even the 37,500 Won for 50-pack Azul is cheap at all. Taiyo Yuden’s officially-approved OEM T02 media in Seoul costs 21,000 Won in 25-pack and 42,000 Won in 50-pack. Azul 8x DVD+R media can be burned at 8x with some drives but at 4x with some others. TY t02 can be burned at 16x with some drives, at 12x with some other drives, but only at 8x with 8x drives (absurd thing to say), and so on. US$1 is about 1,300 Won including 10% VAT.

So they put MCC 003 in the media code and advertised that mafufacturer is Verbatim.
Stunning how the page is adorned with Dvdinfo Pro screen captures !

It’s indeed an informative link !

Do you think Verbatim will be able to have them stop using reference to Verbatim an and MCC 003 ?

I don’t think so. Media resellers and manufacturers have done that for years.

South Korean users mostly use DVDinfopro and CDSpeed. KProbe and DVD Identifier are too difficult to them, yet.

It’s very common that a hardware-related website in South Korea does both reviews and reselling physically in one place.

Scandalous! What a dishonest company… :frowning:

Once one of the company’s employees used physical violence to a protesting customer. The story was soon on KBench.com community board and I started posting a lot in multiple forums about it. So the company knows me. Some South Korean resellers are still savage. I mean it seriously, so much so that I usually can’t and don’t allow any girl I personally know to visit Yongsan alone. :slight_smile:

counterfeit Verbatim