Fake TYT02 test

As you know, I bought a spindle of taiyo yuden but which may be fake.
I burned some and tested it, as following:

my machine is amd duron 750 + 512M mem, which is not very powerfull. system is xp+sp2

1#, flashed 812S to the last stock US0Q I thought. burned at 2.4X, the lowest speed. scaned at 1X

2# flashed 812S to 832S lastest stock firmware and patched to CG3B.

burned at 4X, scaned at 1X and 4X




now comes the 3#
I saw it may be a fake TY, and may be from Infosmart. So I did some search on the web. it gives Infosmart has is0-001 as their ID.
In herrie’s notes, he gave

IS001002 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081

a try, so I think I can change the TYT02 to Philips 081.

burned at 4X, scaned at 4X. (do I need to burn it at 6x or 8x? I don’t think so)

it’s worse, but allmost the same.

A pretty easy and convenient way to spot fake TY media (for now, until fakers find a way to get around this at least) is to look for the typical TY serial number near the dye (writeable side of the disc). Genuine TY DVD+R discs have serial numbers similar to these:

TG001112 0604
TG001112 0811
TG001125 0101
TG001125 0113
TG001133 0308
TG001133 0414


Is that sn near the center hole?

mine is


Yes, it’s near the center hole, although there is a much longer serial number pressed on the plastic, “non dye” part of the discs near the center hole as well (very hard to read). However, both serials are completely different (and longer) than the one you posted, so it is safe to say that the media you bought is fake indeed.

So, it’s sure, but do you know what kind of disk have such SN? Thanks

Sorry, no. Learning DVD media serial numbers is not one of my hobbies.