Fake TYG02 from Meritline?

Hi Guys new here.

I’ve been a long time Verbatim MCC user (get them when they are on sale at Best buy or Amazon etc, generally about 0.40 per PC), then I stumple upon this forum and noticed everyone seem to prefer TY over MCC (I understand that BOTH are good media). I’ve also noticed many threads about fake TYs so I did a little checking on forum and learned TYs from Supermediastore, Rima or Meritline should be genuine. I decided to get it form Meritline (since they also have the CDR on sale with coupon) and figured their “shiny” blank DVDR prices are even lower than the retail verbatim I usually get, so hey less costs for superior media… Why not.

Then I saw this thread. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=144181 . Agh… If my memory serves me right, ppl were saying genuine TY should have a code that start with GDDxxxxx or TYxxxx on the middle plastic rim, and mine says E4D09133XXX. Does that mean I got some fake ones? If so I’m quite disappointed and I’ll just stick to Verbatim from now on… Too much risks and hassle trying to “chase” after the genuine TY. :frowning: I also got 100 TY CDRS from Meritline… Fake too?

Here’s my quality scan. This is the first time I did this and I have no idea how to interpret this graph?

Yeh they are fake, try and see if you can get an RMA

Also see what a transfer rate test looks like with them discs

Looks like your Aopen drive is not compatible with CD Speed. This scan is probably totally irrelevant.

About your TY’s serial n° you’ll surely have some knowledgable reply from another member :iagree:

you can get real tys from www.rima.com , anyway you expected just a bit too much from a no-name brand and some common sense could have save you from those dont know bout you but i will never think a cakebox with “high quality” in title is real

Check the post again, it now says that they are fake. Try to get a refund or something.

The “GG” code number will be in the dye area of the disc just outside the hub. Stamped or etched at the inner hub there can be a number similar to the one posted.

It’s not too surprising to see Meritline selling fakes, but it’s not usual activity for them.

Do the discs carry any indicator of where they were made? I’ve never seen any TY in a cakebox like the one pictured.

I was aware of the potential risks of getting fake TYs on the net, but I saw Meritline all the time in the bargain basement of the forum and figured they are reputable. Well, until I saw that thread I linked on my first post today and now realizing these may be fakes. But yah I guess my expectation was a bit too much. It’s not a biggie though. I mean, I got those blanks at low prices (at least much cheaper than the Verbatim’s I’ve been getting) so if I don’t like my burns from these, the worst thing is I’ll just throw them in trashcan and the loss is not too big… At least I learn something from it and I believe this post should at least benefit some other members as well.

RDGrimes - No indication anywhere where they were made. And the only other code I see in the dye area of the disc just outside the hub is " DVD-R 4.7GB "

Deffinitely fakes. I’d send them back just on principal, problem is that Meritline has no principals. :frowning:

Principle? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if I want to bother with that… Maybe I’ll send them an E-MAIL and see how they respond… But I don’t mind just keeping them for some non-important stuff backup.

Well I thought I’ll give up chasing after genuine TYs but I decide to give another try. Just ordered another 100PK from RIMA as suggested, and will wait and see. If I get another fake batch (doubt it though) then I’ll give up TY for now… Too much hassle. But if these turn out to be real then RIMA will be the place I shop from now. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the valuable inputs!!

You will be satisfied with Rima. They are first quality. Also, for future referrence, any media I have purchased from Meritline, Supermedia, Rima, Newegg and Allmediaoutlet, that has specified “Genuine Taiyo Yuden, made in Japan”, has been the real thing. Rima doesn’t sell any offbrand media with a TY code (yet) but the others do and I agree it is deceptive advertising. It is a real shame that the consumer has to read so carefully to not be taken.

I ordered the shiny silver top TY’s from supermedia store that were supposed to be 4x and got the TYG02’s that are 8x and they had the GG serial number near the hub

I am not sure what you are saying. Supermedia sells Genuine TY and the “value” TY 4X have been either TYG01 or TYG02, both of which are real TY. I have received both media codes as well but lately they all seem to be TYG01.


Consider yourself lucky!!! You got 8X media for a 4X price. This is quite common as 4X media will soon be VERY rare.

what about “GD000STS”. thats whats written on my value 4x’s from supermedia

Those are genuine TY G01 and they are sold as such with no question as to who the manufacturer is. BTW, if you look reallllllly close you will see that the “STS” is really a number.