Fake TY or not

A friend of mine found a source for TY CDR discs at a local flea market, looks suspicious already. I took one to test, when I put it into nero’s CD Speed it shows it as Yuden.

When I searched the audio section for scans with nero, it showed disc ID Taiyo Yuden, but these discs show just Yuden. Could these be fakes or am I reading too much into it.

Most stuffs at the flea market are JUNKS.

Burn a few and do some tests on them, that’s the only real way to tell.

Do they have frosted hubs by any chance?

Yes, they were frosted inside. Same screw on tub even.

When I tested one with CD Speed it tested extremely well, which makes me think that if it was fake would it test so well?

The only thing that makes me suspect is that the ID in CD Speed said just Yuden and I have always seen Taiyo Yuden with CD Speed tests. The Chinese are very good at duplicating things so appearance would be exact even if it were a copy.

Then again, I am beginning to think that if it tests so well who cares who makes it.

One item I am not sure as I have never used TY discs yet is what does TY write on the center of the disc. These have a serial number only.

hmmm could be legit then

Does the spindle casing stick out at the bottom? As if it does, they are probably Taiyo Yudens.

What do you mean by stick out at the bottom?

The outer edge gets wider.

Yes they do widen out at the bottom. It sure looks like they legit.

I went to my friends place to grab a couple for testing. He gave me two of them and off I went home. When I removed them from the case I noticed that one did not have the cloudy center. I put them into KProbe and one is Ritek and the other is Taiyin Yuden. I thought is was too good to be true. I’m glad I did not go to buy any. They must be Junk at the bottom of Cake .

Was this a sealed tub when you bought it? seems odd, but the cloudy or ‘frosted’ centre or ‘hub’ is a sure sign of a TY CD-R although other manufacturers could very well use frosted hubs but ive never seen them.

A friend of mine bought them so I don’t know if they were sealed. I asked him if he ever mixed them with others and he said no.

Given it was a flea market purchase, it’s probably a mixed spindle. (Not mixed by a manufacturer or distributer, but the seller.) Now you know you can pretty quickly sort out which disks are TY’s and which are not by the frosted hubs. Depending on what he paid for them adn how many TY’s are there, it may have been a good find.


so genuine TY has a frosted hub and the tub bottom sticks out? I got some packs from supermediastore and I don’t have a PC writer to figure out the code (I use standalone recorders). I do notice some codes on the hub. Can anyone help me to verify the codes to see if they are genuine or not?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, where CD-R is concerned, that is correct. Post the numbers you CAN find, and if someone can provide you any help they will. Also search for media guide or something like that. I know there’s on around off-site, but don’t know where.


Serial number is SH266C1151780
This is an audio CD

I asked my friend how he bought the stack of CD’s and he says it came sealed. When I asked him to check the stack to see how many are real and how many are fake, he informed me that they were all TY except he found one more Ritek 1/3 from the bottom.

This is very bizarre, if the vendor was pulling a scam there would have been more than 2 Riteks in the stack, I asked him if he had ever removed the CD’s from the stack and he says no. This seams very puzzling, but still a good price of $50.00 Canadian for 100, don’t forget we pay a levy of 27 cents per cd extra.