Fake TY MID @ newegg?

a friend of mine picked up some legacy dvd-r’s @ newegg.com after i already told him to go to supermediastore.com . so i told him to give me some to check them out . i ran them by dvdd and 4/5 MID show up as tygo2 and 1 as gsc200 i think. but when i look at the hub i see no gg or gd # like all of my TY’S have. so im guess they are fake am i right? heres the link to the newegg’s dvd-r’s


gsc002 maybe? that would be gigastorage - is there an ink seial no. on the clear inner ring like: 030307434f31 ? gigastorage have been known to mid fake TYG02 but that was quite a while ago.

edit: this fake TYG02 i have here that is most likely from gigastorage doesn’t have any serial numbers, but it says ‘DVD-R 4.7GB 8x’ on an inner dye type ring.

If you don’t see a TG or GG on the hub (i.e., it’s blank), then anything blank is fake. Real TY will have the TG or GG visible. For example:

Fuji DVD+R 8x MIJ 50 pk have TG001133 on the hub. I bought those from Best Buy

(add) I believe I’ve seen some reports on mids on Legacy DVD blanks in other threads in this same subforum. Just look for “Legacy” and you should find it. :wink:

Sony DVD+R MIJ 50 pk have TG001158 on the hub. I forget the poster that mentioned if the hub doesn’t have the TG or GG on it, it’s most definitely fake, but I do remember he works in some kind of DVD Duplication enterprise, and burns about 6.000/month and got some fake TYs from a certain place–they have no TG or GG on the hub and the burns were awful. Once he ran the burn tests and check the hubs, they stopped buying anything from the place in question.

indeed it does have the ‘DVD-R 4.7GB 8x’ in the hub

hmmm gigastorage at it again? or maybe old stock… hmm