Fake Taiyo Yuden DVD-R



Huh, saw much better fakes with this code.

Older media or newer? My Titanum I bought last year, dunno if it was odds or some chinese manufacturer still use 8x-codes


This Freespace DVD-R is at least 10 years old. At those times, a lot of media with fake MID codes were floating around - not only Chinese but also many Made in Poland ones (at least here in Slovakia).

I have not see any media with fake MID codes for a very long time. I would like to know how many manufacturers are still there in China and what MID codes are they using.


Titanum/Extreme/Esperanza was the last Fake-Mids I get, I don´t know if some Fake-Mids-manufacturers are still left or was MBI Cheaper than all of them. Ordered last year some Titanum and Extreme, one was Fake-Mid TYG02, other all MBI-made with MBI and Sony D21.

Maybe these are some fakes?

But the white surface always remind me on Princo.

I think Ricoh-fakes DL are still alive, made by Ume?


Do they have any serial and stamper numbers?

IMHO the Umedisc’s own DL MID code is now much better supported than Ricoh’s one so there is no reason to make fakes.


Stamper: DVD-R S0004-0957



Budget DVD-R 8x / TYG02
No stamper code
Hub code; IFPI BD11
Supplied by Tester_1

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @6x (8x chosen)

Budget BDR 6x (8x) scan BenQ erw2


Hui, the Benq don´t like it


Maybe there´s a manufacturer who is the Fake itself?

Budget DVD-R 8x


Stamper: None

Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x


Stamper: DVD-R 8x 38-2980

Dunno what IFPI means.


The IFPI numbers (also called “SID codes”; there are two kinds - mould and matrix codes) identify the manufacturer of the CD or DVD. They are unique and assigned to every licensed producer of pressed optical media or stampers used to produce pressed media.
They were not mandatory and rarely used in the recordable media manufacturing industry.
Both the “IFPI BD11” and “IFPI BD09” SID codes belonged to InfoSmart Group, Inc., Hong Kong.


Thank you, pepst :bigsmile:

Looks like InfoSmart use many MIDs, Im remember my Hyundai DVD-R had INFOSMART01 and SKC Co.,Ltd.


Infosmart used also Interaxia AG and Anwell’s generic MID codes and became infamous as one of the first and most important producers of media with fake MID codes.
In 2004-2006 the European market was flooded with such media produced by Infosmart, Jilin Qingda Digital Co. Ltd., Henan Kerry Digital Co., etc.


Sounds better than no reputation :wink:


Budget DVD-R 8x / TYG02
No stamper code
Hub code; IFPI BD11
Supplied by Tester_1

Burned with LiteOn iHAS624 @8x

Budget ihas 8x scan BenQ erw2


Again, your 1640 hate this media, your Lite love it


Writer: LiteOn eBAU 108 6
Firmware PL0M
Media: Budget DVD-R 8x
MID: (TYG02)
Burn Speed: 8x chosen, burned 3x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2018
Scanned 2018

This media have visible Dye-defects


Writer: Pioneer DVR-XU01
Firmware: 1.00
Media: Budget DVD-R 8x
MID: (TYG02)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2018
Scanned 2018

PIF-spikes, the Benq sees also POF, but Lite have no big problem with iz


BENQ DVD DD DW1650 BCIC, 2,58 GB burned at 4x

sold as “Forever 8x DVD-R”
unknown manufacturer and country of origin (possibly produced by X-Disc Poland?)
stamper code: DVD-R 8X 60210-02; no hub code


Writer: Samsung SH-224FB
Media: Princo DVD-R 8x
Recording speed: 6x
Burn date: 2018
Scan date: 2018


Princo with TYG02-fake?

But overall not bad, my actual MBI seems more worse


Strange looking DVD-R, very thin and flimsy. Beside the typical top surface branding It has few “PRINCO” watermarks on the recording side.