Fake RiDisc DVD-R@4x (RITEKG04)?

Hi guys

Has anyone came across in the last few days/weeks with RiDisc DVD-R@4x (RITEKG04) sold in 50pcs plastic wrapped cake, with the following characteristics:

  • Under the Ridisc lettering, shows “www.ridisc.com
  • It has a pale violet overprinting, with the R-stylized Logo upside-down
  • On the outer border of the disc has “Manufactured by Taiwan” written on it

For what I’ve read this might be fake or even crappy-grade media from Ritek (unlike the A-grade media sold in 25pcs spindles with similar disc layout from Ridisc). :a

Can anyone confirm this? What are your experiences? It’s starting to show up here in Portugal in online and B&M stores.

I think that a good policy is to avoid any over-printed Ritek media.

Any particular reason (unbalances the disc or something)? Or just hides the dye imperfections? :wink:

Well in a few minutes I shall have the proof if they’re D-grade Ritek… :confused:

The over-printed media is often rejected media, or so we hear. 3rd rate in other words.

Well, double ripp off: after all it’s RITEK G05 @ 4x :frowning:
First burn, errors found.

See the visual diferences between the G04 (the ol’faithful guys)

and G05 (the crappy media).

Well, avoid them… I can’t anymore :a

What burner do you have? Some burners have a very bad strategy for G05, and swapping to G06, or another, will burn them much better.

Yeah I know, but I haven’t got the fanciests and fw-upgradable ones - Philips Dual DVDRW824K fw P3.3 and SONY-DRU530A fw 2.1b

The Philips is by far the best burner of the two, but limited to 4x -R. Good enough for G05 (I’ve tried other G05 and they’ve burned with better results, but cannot match G04).

But the point here is that this type of batches might be junk from Ritek, and not grade-A. But i’ll do a few more tests and keep you posted. :slight_smile:

BTW, those discs you have aren’t overprints. If they were overprints, you wouldn’t see any of the silver reflective layer as it would be completely covered with an overprint label.

RITEKG05s are good discs, it just seems that many drive manufacturers aren’t suporting them as well as they should be. They seem to burn well on LiteON (with the right strategy!), NEC, and Pioneer drives (at least in my experience).

As usual, YMMV.


I would agree you generally, if I hadn’t burned other G05 (from Platinum, for instance) with better scan results.

But since must of my burns are data backups, I need reliable and durable burns, which these might not provide me.

But heck, it’s better than Princo or Datawrite Red :wink: It’ll do for those “backups” I can throw away in a few months… But these are most likely lower-grade G05.

And in a few months I might switch to a new “good burner” (16x +R DL Burner with BluRay/HD-DVD support) :bigsmile:

[B]I Have just bought some ridisc with the www. site on them and the upside down logo & have tried many different proggys to burn them with no join i have a NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A AND A ATAPI DVDROM16X and they won’t burn on either of these burners any one got any idea’s or have i just been ripped off in buying these discs :frowning: ? and are they totally useless to me ? :a


got some ridisc’s 50 in a pack from our local computer fair, the 4x purple dvd-r’s but the logo is the wrong way round, some people are saying these are fake disc’s, but if you take a trip to the web site www.ridisc.com there disc’s are the same, so i cant figer out if you ones i got are fake now , can anyone help …!!!

Hi 123Red,

Take a closer look to the two images above and compare with the ones you find on Ridisc.com website.
I can see differences with the fake one.

Ive some like the ones that are upside down so have i fakes ?

like the bottom cd , no just like the bottom one…

I have some of them, the second image with the silver on the top right with www.ridisc.com under the name.There Ritek G04 acording to advdinfo.Work fine for me.But they came in a 25 spindle cake not 50.

Hi there.

I work for Conrexx Technology, the European subsidairy of the RITEK Corporation (www.ritek-europe.com). I was tipped about this thread by one of the CD Freaks moderaters and I would like to give you some first hand information as I can imagine things are getting confusing.

First of all, the only 3 brands owned and managed by RITEK in Europe are: Traxdata, Ridata and Arita. The Ridisc branded discs that we are talking about in this thread are NOT a genuine RITEK brand, although you might assume this from the name. This brand is distributed by a company called E-Net. Although RITEK at first has produced these Ridisc discs, production has been stopped for some time now. We found out that our low Grade media, which normally should not enter the European market, was printed with Ridisc and mixed with the original B-Grade Ridisc discs. So yes, it’s possible that you can have good G04/G05 RITEK Dye discs branded with Ridisc, but there’s a chance that there’s low grade media in it as well. Our apologies for that.

At this moment Ridisc is manufactered by CMC; we don’t know what grade media it is. So if you want to be sure you have high quality and reliable RITEK media look for Traxdata, Ridata or Arita.

I will be following this thread for a while so if you have any more questions, I will try to answer them.

Best regards,


NB: we are not finished with Ridisc/E-Net yet. Take a look at the website of:
www.ritekusa.com (American Subsidairy of RITEK) and

See the similarities? By copying content and looks these guys do everything to confuse the end-user by making them think Ridisc is a genuine RITEK brand. Beware!

Really confusing indeed

All this “story” looks like the Tx traxdata/ Traxdata problem.

As we like to protect the interests of our visitors we will be happy to provide help in informing consumers about this unfair behaviour of the mentioned companies.

A - So, I can deduce that Datawrite Ritek discs are not to trust? Only Traxdata, Ridata?

B - And what about these Ridisc ones? http://www.ridisc.com/minusr/purple4x.htm
These have the usual label. Just because of that they are the good ones? If the discs label is this one, they are good?
(As you can see, in this picture the label says, “Manufactured by Ritek Taiwan”)
Those who have the label like this http://www.ridisc.com are not good?

Just read above, Ritek Europe themselves only endorse and recommend Traxdata, Ridata or Arita brand Ritek discs.