Fake Ridata?

Long time ago i bought some ridata 8x dvd-r from a reasonable trusted source, now i bought from a “faw away” from trusted source :disagree: … compared both just to check and they look a bit different… the “background” color is darker on second one and the holographic text is smaller on second one…

Im being just being paranoic and its common or lots of chances of one of those being fake?

Is there any way to check if they are original?


People here are going to need to know the country, the source, and the brand to help out.

Also posting the media code from both will help :wink:

Give the serial codes printed in the clear inner ring and the code at the underside of the disc is there is one.

MID code, origin and stuff does not matter because it seems to be to unreliable.

Boy, why didn’t Ritek think of this sooner?

“Hey, this batch of G05’s you sold me went bad in a year!”
“Nope, must have been a fake media code we accidentally distributed under our own brand! Yeahhh, that’s the ticket, it was all Infomedia’s fault…”

Sorry for you to say but Ritek has problems with manufacturers abusseing there code.
I’ve seen these with my own eyes.

And I wouldn’t be suprised if someone would also fake a package. They have done it with other brands so why not. Now you could complain that it’s RItek.
However RIteks own brands have just enough credability and are not closed look up on as the real big stuff like Verbatim so fakeing would be a option.

Also Infosmart so far hasn’t faked riteks codes at least not that people are aware off because Infosmart would choose highly compatible codes and ritek’s codes are not compatible enough.