Fake Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R



Lite-On SHW-16H5S LS0W, 4148 MB burned at 4x

sold as "Emtec 8x DVD+R in jewel case"
MID: MCC-003-000

hub code: +R 18C+180360 U28A 1 1 2 0604020544-499
stamper code: DP-4.7G S02 TE


HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N 1.05, 4395 MB burned at 8x

sold as "Omega 16x DVD+R"
MID: MCC 004
unknown COO and manufacturer

supplied by EZ647:flower:


BENQ DVD DD DW1650 BCIC, 3,58 GB burned at 8x

sold as "X-Data 16x DVD+R"
MID: MCC 004
made in China by Shenzhen Topford Technology Development Ltd.

supplied by EZ647 :flower:


Writer: Samsung SH-224GB
Firmware: SB00
Media: Emtec DVD+R 8x
MID: (MCC 004)
Burn Speed: 14x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2017
Scanned 2017

Found this media in my Hardware-online-shop

Fake or not, I don´t know

Emtec "Holly Copy" DVDRs

Most likely fake. Can you post the serial and stamper numbers?


Dd this help you? If it had a stamper code then it´s unreadable


If there’s no stamper code, it’s a fake medium.


Thought so. I´ve looked over and over and don´t see an stamper code.

I guess Emtec had in the past also fake media

The media isn´t that bad, at least <3,5GB.


8x and MCC 004? How can this not be fake?


Don´t trust some exotic brands, I have also Titanum (by Esperanza) which labeled MBI 01RG40 as 8x instead of 16x

Writer: LG GH24NSC0
Firmware: LK00
Media: Prodye DVD+R 8x
MID: (MCC 003)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2018
Scanned 2018

Very nice for a fake :slight_smile:


ASUS DRW-24B1LT 1.03, 4,01 GB burned at 8x

sold as “Emtec 16x DVD+R”
MID: MCC 004 (000)
made in Macau by Info Source Multi Media Ltd