Fake MCC003?



Hey all,

Came across these extremely cheap MCC003s GMIT branded (Golden Monkey International Trade or something). Are they likely to be fake or simply real low grade MCCs? Not particularly interested in buying them but just wondering what they probably are

About 50 (NZ) cents/DVD+R!

You can see the price of real Verbatims here

Although that’s a little expensive since you can get them for about 78 cents/DVD+R elsewhere

As you can see this company does sell some fake Taiyo Yuden’s


There isn’t any way to know for sure unless you actually examine the serial numbers and stamper codes on those discs.

However, with that kind of name, those hardly sound like genuine Verbatims. I mean Golden Monkey International Trade??! That sounds like some chinese company that sells herbal products.


In the dictionary, under the term ‘quality’, you’ll see a picture of a Golden Monkey. :stuck_out_tongue:


As mentioned by the others, I wouldn’t trust ANY MCC coded stuff that isn’t under the Verbatim label. Yeah, I know that it can be found occasionally under other labels but it takes so much guesswork that it isn’t worth the bother (ie some Memorex 16x DVD+R).


I will go with Jester, as I have seen Datawrite listed with the MCC code. Play it safe and go for Verbs.


The only other brand than Verbatim which I would trust for MCC coded discs are Infiniti - that’s it. I literally laughed out loud when I read the brand name of those GMIT discs :bigsmile:



I want to add HP branded media. Bought some of them (Made in Singapore) for a good price few days ago.



mc it’s not so much price but performance that matters. What is the longevity of them?


I thought Infiniti was one of the confirmed brands of fakes?


My Infiniti’s are definately legit - have CMC hub codes starting with PAP, so they’re the real deal. Excellent discs for me, very high quality.


Ditto, and ditto LOL :bigsmile:

Edit: and I’ve checked my Infinitis back when I bought them, they’re legit. Excellent discs :iagree:


I’m not saying that I think those discs are any good, I don’t nor am I intending to buy them I was just wondering whether they’re likely to be genuine MCCs that didn’t make the cut or fakes. The consensus appears to be that they’re fakes.

Anyway I agree the name doesn’t inspite confidence (but the price is the bigger issue which doesn’t inspire confidence). I’m a bit confused why the people who operate the site decided to give the full name rather then leaving it as initials. It seems to be a bit of a dumb idea. Having said that, a fair number of East Asian companies use translations of their names from their native language that don’t sound like good names in English. The smarters companies recognise this and have abandonded the full name and only use the initialism or acronym. Lucky Goldstar (which arose from the merger of Lucky and Goldstar) and Diamond Flower Inc/International are two that come to mind.


Could also be that the name was so confusing to the people who run the site, that they played safe and copied the entire name verbatim (no pun intended) from the packaging to make sure they got it right.

Btw, Diamond flower Inc is dreadful. It sounds like an expensive chinese restaurant. What on earth is it?


The Datawrite MCC is made by CMC with MCC dye. Most likely discs that didn’t pass Verbatim’s quality standards, or maybe just surplus discs.


I think DFI make motherboards. Pretty sure I’ve heard the name DFI bandied about. :slight_smile:


Actually, I was wrong. The site doesn’t mention the full name anywhere

It was in this auction that the name is given. Well multiple auctions by the same guy http://www.zillion.co.nz/members/beamaa/items/ e.g. http://www.zillion.co.nz/auctions/863325

Although I reckon the person doing the auctions is the same person who runs the website and I think putting the full name is helpful in the auctions either…

I see GMIT also has ‘Taiyo Yuden’ http://www.blankcd.co.nz/dvdmedia-digitrex.htm DVD-R. I wonder how their ‘Taiyo Yuden’ DVD-R compare to the Excel ‘Taiyo Yuden’ DVD-R http://www.blankcd.co.nz/dvdmedia-excel.htm

Actually maybe I should buy these Taiyo Yuden. BlankCD actually claims they are manufactured by Taiyo Yuden. Since they aren’t this is deceptive advertising…


I’d wait that one out. Check the tail end of the “Which discs are fake TYs?” Sticky thread. Someone’s emailed them about their supposed TY discs. :slight_smile:



I run the website www.blankcd.co.nz. I just wanted to add to this discussion that the Excel and GMIT DVD-R that we sell are sold as Excel and GMIT, we do not market them in anyway as TY. We simply supply all the media id information (obtained from DVD Identifier) so the customer has as much information as possible about each brand of disc.

We do sell genuine Taiyo Yuden’s and we market them as genuine because they are just that.

I hope that clarifies a few things, any questions please do ask :slight_smile:



Hi Michael (beamaa), welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering some questions that people have asked regarding Blankcd.co.nz.

Please be sure that you only answer questions about Blankcd.co.nz that people actually put forward, because we want to keep advertising separate from the forum discussions.

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As the person who is responsible for DVD identifier manufacturer database I do now very well the limitations of the programm. So simply supplying the info from dvd identifier or any other tool that identifies based on the MID would
be questionable.

My suggestion do like the better European stores. Clearly state.
Not made by Taiyo Yuden by any media that has TY code and is not made by TY (Same for MKM/MCC Maxell and Ritek to name a other few who have large problems with code abuse.) That way it is quite clear for the customer !(Or even better not stock it in the first place. :bigsmile: )
I did notice that you put made in taiwan for the excel media which would give most folks the hint that it’s not TY. Still explicity stating is more nice. But hey this is allready better as quite some other stores who don’t state a thing at all. :flower:

Also I personally would recommend to not stock these products. Seeing how TY has been trying to sue compannies who sell media with fake TY code !
You wouldn’t be the first person to receive a letter from TY’S legal devision.