Fake mcc 003?



I know it has been asked before but i could find a real answers
So I recently bought some (100pieces :a ) MCC 003 printables but these really burns like crap with my nec3520
The pie and pif are way to high so my question is did i get ripped off?

So some more info :

On the inner ring it says DVD+R 4.7GB, IFPI gx28 and DVD+R 8XPD5802

media code :

000 : a1 0f 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3f 00 00 00 00 …&.?..
0010 : 00 00 03 4d 43 43 00 00 00 00 00 30 30 33 00 38 …MCC…003.8
0020 : 23 54 37 15 02 52 6c 02 b4 63 15 15 0b 0a 08 08 #T7…Rl…c…
0030 : 01 19 1b 0c 0c 0c 0d 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …
0040 : 01 00 38 38 02 31 5f 1c 06 2e 23 10 04 1e 1d 01 …88.1_…#…
0050 : 00 00 02 31 5f 1c 06 2e 23 10 04 1e 1d 01 00 00 …1_…#…
0060 : 02 00 54 70 02 2f 63 67 20 14 0b 0b 01 20 00 00 …Tp./cg … …
0070 : 00 00 02 43 63 67 20 14 0b 0b 01 20 00 00 00 36 …Ccg … …6

Anyone knows if this is real or fake?

plz help



please show us some scan,if you can


So here is 2 scan even thou pif looks decent on 1 disk but look at the pie :Z


Mhm, that’s quite strange. How many discs did you burned? And does your writer work well with others media?

Afaik there aren’t fake MCC 03 or 04…


Imho, It’s true mcc but they are defective.


Normaly i use dvd+r fuji 8x ty 02 and they burn really nice but since there printables are way to expensive i decided to go with verbatim.
I burned 3 discs first one was really bad didnot save the scan thou
and decided to try ms default ide drivers instead nvidias
which u can see is not much of a improvemend.
I use the latest firmware of Liggy/Dee gona try later some old firmwares.
Hmm defective mcc :SSS


I don’t know of any fake MCC004, but there is plenty of fake MCC003 out there. See thread here for some info. Basically, I know of only 4 types of MCC media that is genuine : Verbatim, Mitsubishi, Pinky Stripe and one other brand Mitsubishi makes discs for whose name I forgot. Anything else is typically fake imho.

What brand were the discs you bought? Were they Verbatim/Mitsubishi printables?


It is supposed to be Verbatim .
I bought it from ebay but there was no real cover on the spindle which worried me’.
And yeah already been to that topic and thats why i started this one cause
worried me :S


hmmm, seems like you have the latest FW for your drive and it is not defective. And I noticed that inkjet printable discs are a bit lower quality than non-printable, but not as bad as your scans. I guess you have defective batch. What brand of those MCC03 under, verbatim or something else? If you want Inkjet printable, get verbatim and amazon is having a spindle of 50 for $29.99 shipped. Thats the lowest I found. And if you dont mind the hassel of mail in rabate, I have seen a lot of verbatim inkjet printable with mail in rebate at meritline and supermediastore. Oh almost forgot, I use TDK -R inkjet printable, $20.99 for 50 at Costco and the MID Is TTG02, burns very well under NEC-3520 with hacked FW


Amazon dont deliver here in The Netherlands and printables are quite expensive here
about 0.80 a piece thats why I decided to try ebay i guess never more


if you use ebay, stay away from those unauthentic TY, lots of fake TYs on Ebay. Only go for the brand name items on Ebay like those made in japan maxell, fuji, sony, tdk, stay away from some weird brand with TY MID


In the Netherlands, you have much better options than Ebay! :rolleyes:

  1. Netherlands: Cdrwinkle http://www.cdrwinkel.com***
  2. England: SVP http://www.svp.co.uk*****
  3. Germany: Nierle http://www.nierle.de**
  4. Luxembourg: MMD http://www.mmd.lu****

They all deliver to the Netherlands.

I live in Belgium and buy all my medias from SVP England, best prices and excellent customer service. They are very serious and would never sell fake Verbatims.

MMD is very serious too but more expensive. As to Cdrwinkle and Nierle, I have no personal experience.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I hate to tell you, but that thread is probably right. Both my Verbatim 8X+R pearl tops and Pinky Stripe 8X have ZCxxxx-DVR-X47x etched on the burning side. The serial numbers for both all start with VX.

I’m in a rather unique position in that Verbatim/Mitsubishi media is easy to get hold of for me. I live in Singapore and the factory is here. I know a shop that is sort of a distributer for Verbatim/Mitsubishi here. The entire shop is full of mostly Verbatim/Mitsubishi disks of various types. That shop obviously does not stock fake MCC media. What I can do is to go check and see what the spindles of printable Verbatim/Mitsubishi media look like the next time I am there. I’ve seen it before but didn’t pay much attention. That way you can compare and be sure if you’ve got fake MCC media or not.


Karangguni: plz do
Francksoy: I ussually get my stuff from cdrwinkel but like I said the prices are way to high and thank you all for replying really appreciated!


IFPI gx28 and DVD+R 8XPD5802

This is fake MCC003 - manufactured in Hong Kong - most likely by UME Disc. Seen these myself, and yes - the quality is shit.


i’ve been duped with some fake mcc003 myself, also printable. I think other than the serial no. another way to tell the difference is that the fakes will have a smoother printable finish…well that’s how mine were anyway.


Here are some fake MCC scans (All Burned At 8x With B7V9)
1: Fake MCC 003 (Serial: IFPI FD20…)
2: Fake MCC 02RG20 (Serial: IFPI BD01)
3: Not sure if fake, but still crap! MCC 02RG20 (Serial: ZD1162-DVR-I47A)


@Dicer: it is smooth since its my first printables ever I cant compare it.
Ok, thanks for confirming it !
Its crap :frowning:


Ok, I know the issue of whether ike’s printables are fake or not has
been settled, but here is some info on identifying genuine spindles of
Verbatim/Mitsubishi printable media :

The distributer I went to stocks two kinds of printable media. One type
comes with Verbatim’s brand on it, the other doesn’t and is sort of OEM.
In both cases, the discs are just plain white printables. However, there
is a paper label pasted on each spindle. The OEM version is slightly
cheaper than the branded one. Both come in spindles of 50 discs.

For the Verbatim branded version, the label says Verbatim DatalifePlus. I
found two versions at the distributer, DVD+R 8x and DVD-R 4x. The +R
version is made in Singapore and the -R version is made in Taiwan. This
is clearly stated on the label.

The OEM version is more interesting because this is the one which
carries less identifiers and so is easiest to confuse with fake MCC
media. First of all, the OEM version doesn’t have a brand on the label.
I could only find the DVD+R 8x version. It does however state that it is
made in Singapore. There is also a part number on the label which reads
DPRVX94889. I believe this is fairly important. I have a spindle of
pinky stripe MCC 003 media which is also similarly labelled with a part
no DPR2GVXWHT. Why is that significant? If you have a look at the serial
number printed on genuine Mitsubishi/Verbatim media, it always starts
with VX (at least mine do). I cannot be sure but I suspect that the VX
in the part number points to that.

So if you’re going to buy Verbatim printables, either make sure that the
spindles are labelled as Verbatim/Mitsubishi or if there is no brand,
make sure the part number is of a form similar to what I stated above
and has VX in the code.

Of course, the media in your area may be different. I’ve heard of people
talking about Verbatim/Mitsubishi media made in India and Ireland but I
have never seen that here. So there may be other identifiers, but these
should hold true for made in Singapore MCC media.


CMC-made MCC media has inner hub serials starting with PA for +R and MA for -R, while Prodisc-made ones have serial numbers separated with a + for +R and a - for -R. I haven’t seen much Singapore MCC media, but the few I have do indeed have inner hub serials starting with a V, though not always VX, as I have a Singapore Digtal Movie 4x +R that has a serial starting with VW.