Fake Kazaa/imesh files

Stop them cold! www.filesharefakes.cjb.net .

I PROMISE, you submit, I POST! I will NEVER give/sell/loan/rent/lease/put into someone else’s possession your email address if you submit a fake’s information. The only reason I am using an e-mail account for submissions is because I don’t have enough HTML knowledge to maintain a forum. Sorry about the popups, there is nothing I can do about them, they’re not mine. Give it a try!


There’s no point just displaying the size and length:confused:
You really need to also display the hash:cool:
If you don’t they can just change the name and then the site is useless:a

I’m not sure if Kazaa or Imesh support hashing but WinMX does.

I don’t see any threat yet with fakes and with the videos you can just preview them to see if they are real:D