Fake Fuji?


I just came across this forum, and read some interesting stories about buying DVD+R discs. Now I know that even the media code of discs can be fake. It’s not easy to find good DVD+R media.

I ordered some Fuji discs with media code YUDEN000T02 in a Dutch online shop (only 26,50 euros for 50 discs). Is there a way to verify if these discs are really Taiyo Yuden discs?

Thanks for helping me, the DVD media world if quite confusing if you ask me!


YUDEN000T02 is a genuine Taiyo Yuden code. 01 is 4x rated while 02 is 8x. You Scored well. :iagree:

I was talking to a dealer in the UK he said he was offered fake Tayo Yuden,s that even came up with the correct Media code! What hope do us consumers have?

How did he know they were fake?

Thanks for the answers! Ispy, what you’re saying is worrying me. If you even can’t count on media codes, what can you do to be sure to have good DVD+R media? But indeed, how does the dealer know they’re fake?

I’ve read somewhere else that the discs should contain ‘Made in Japan’. If it is ‘Made in Taiwan’, they have to be fake. Is that true?


I’ve read somewhere else that the discs should contain ‘Made in Japan’. If it is ‘Made in Taiwan’, they have to be fake. Is that true?
Not necessarily, some (most cheap and nasty’s) manufacturers make products in taiwan, china etc cheap labor countries. Naturally all the better brands MID codes tend to come from Japan. As far as fakes go I wouldn’t worry too much, stick with reputable dealers, and well known brands that work well with your burner and you wont go wrong.

Fuji doesn’t sell discs with fake media codes. If they are Fuji branded with a Taiyo Yuden media code then they’re genuine Taiyo Yuden discs.

fakes ! what ! so u think the spindle of 100 Taiyo Yuden i bought in Mexico for US$3.oo are fake ? :wink:

what philamber said about Fuji…unless the whole spindle was faked (i.e. the label, etc.)…they’re genuine TY.

My only question is: did the disc burn well? If so, keep the discs (fake or not).

I’m still waiting for them to arrive at my home :slight_smile:
Thanks for all answers!


I just bought 25pack dvd-r with the CompUSA brand name for sale 9.99. They were made in Hong Kong they only had 5 cakes. When in tested them they were IDed Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd (TYGO2) go figure that. Hope I got a good deal. CINDI

Sorry but they’re fakes. TY doesn’t make media in Hong Kong and TYG02 is by far the most commonly faked media code.

I guess that we can add compusa to the list of store brands that use fakes. Fry’s media are sometimes fakes too.

might be fakes but they sure brunt well for some crazy reason. i used them to backup my vhs to dvd and they look better than my home made vhs tapes. CINDI:)

But if you quality test them, they will have high error rates.

Its not the picture you need to watch but the ammount of work the player is having to do to recover from the data errors, upto a point it will not be noticable as the error correction will cope with the errors but get over that point and it will start to show in the sound or picture. Its better to start out with a low error rate and then, as the disc gets used, the damage it gets will slowly increase the errors rather than start out high & 1 mark kills the disc.