Fake DVDs worth £1m seized in raid at west London home



I just posted the article Fake DVDs worth £1m seized in raid at west London home.

According to the BBC, police and investigators with
the British music industry’s trade association (British Phonographic Industry)
along with some officers from Ealing Trading…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10862-Fake-DVDs-worth-1m-seized-in-raid-at-west-London-home.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10862-Fake-DVDs-worth-1m-seized-in-raid-at-west-London-home.html)

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Hmm, question who would want to buy one fake pirated dvd value of 20 quid, when for the same amount of money, you could buy 3 legit ones from HMV UK on line, for the same amount of money! These sums of money quoted here do no not compute! If you really want a good laugh on bent statistical information, see Jonathan Ross(front ha ha man for F.A.C.T. an even dodgier offshoot of BPI) link here @ bbc=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4237008. stm (the yeah but, on this site http//www.gii.co.jp/english/fi1386_electronic_media.html, indicates jon ross’s stat’s are incomplete, corrupt, innaccurate or is has having trouble telling the whole truth???)


was capable of producing some 50,000 DVD’s a day!
Holy ***! That would require at least 225 DVD burners burning at 16X running 24 hours a day and an automated loading system (this presuming a maximum burn/load/unload time of 6,5 minutes per DVD) :wink:
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I bet Jonathan Ross gets a lot of free wanking fodder from FACT. He’d be better off as spokesman for the legalisation of hardcore porn movies, seeing as he has a massive collection of them. “Saying yes to a pirate DVD is also saying yes to crime on your streets,” Ross said. “There is a price to pay for pirate DVDs and it’s much higher than most people think.” according to the BBC. No he didn’t. He said: “Saying yes to a piwate DVD is also saying yes to cwime on your stweets,” Ross said. “There is a pwice to pay for piwate DVDs and it’s much higher than most people fink.”
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all the movie company’s are a bunch of ass holes just like Sony who make there over price PS2 games and want to rip us off. If they really want to help stop this a good place to start would be lowering the price on there crap.


If you’re gonna pirate movies that effiently, why would you do Bollywood films? :*


Check this math out. 24 dvd burners =1,200 USD, 3 photocopiers=15,000 USD IF there idiots, 3 computers = 9,000 USD, 30000 TY blank dvd’s =9600 USD Grand total of $34,800 USD 400,000.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 729,273.25 USD United States Dollars I guess the other 50000 DVD’s are solid gold because there worth $695,000.00 USD :slight_smile: