Fake disks or not? MediaRange MCC

Can anyone tell if these disks really are MCC or fake?
Someone said that codes in closeup 2 shows that they are not fake. I think pictures work only with IE

If you mean that these discs are made by verbatim the answer is no. MCC media are produced by different media makers, so these are really MCC media but are not produced by verbatim: in my opinion they are poor quality media.

Why is that? I thought that Mitsubishi discs are always good?

Yes, disc made by Mitsubishi are good, but these discs you pointed from nierle are not made by Mitsubishi

MCC = Mitsubishi Chemichals,right?

Yes, but Mitsubishi is not the only that produce these media. Mitsubishi gives to other producers a license to produce media with this mediacode, but not all MCC discs are made by Mitsubishi itself.

Do u know who are these other producers?

Here there is one of them

U mean Mediarange has license to use MCC codes? Who else? Are u sure about everything u say?

I don’t have a complete list of all manufacturers.

As a rule of thumb, anything that is not verbatim should be licensed by Mitsubishi but NOT produced by Mitsubishi itself.

So there is no fake MCC like there is fake TY?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear.

Any licensed disc NOT made by Mitsubishi have not a very good quality. Only Mitsubishi made discs are really good; all other discs are low quality.

Even if they are not really “fake” in the strict sense of term, they anyway are low quality media.

How do u know all this? Can u put any links to all this info?

Try to read scans on media forum and see that any MCC media not branded verbatim give results worst than verbatim MCC

Anyway, maybe I’m wrong.

If you can afford a little extra expense you can buy these discs and try them. If you like can also post scans here :flower:

Im not gonna buy these. I think these are low quality discs too,but some guy in other forum is saying he has these discs and they are made by Verbatim or in the same factory anyway and they has advanced azo and very good quality,but I doubt that. Im just trying to prove he’s wrong.

I doubt also. If these discs has all these things like advanced azo and so on they will be more costly surely

There’s a fairly simple way to settle that : ask him for the serial numbers from the discs. There are 3 known manufacturers for Verbatim/Mitsubishi media (serial number formats follow) :

  1. Verbatim Singapore - VXxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (used to produce SL discs, now only does DL)
  2. Prodisc Taiwan - 5xxxExxxx+xxxxxxxx
  3. CMC Magnetics Taiwan - PAHxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Possibly Moser Baer in India as well, although I don’t know their serial number system.

If it doesn’t match these serial number systems (or maybe Moser Baer’s), it’s probably fake MCC.

where is this serial number?

Does this picture show if it is real MCC or fake?(codes in inner circle)

Usually the serial number is stamped into the transparent area around the inside hole of the disc. It isn’t visibly printed in black latters, like the disc in your picture but can be seen by holding the disc up to a light source. The MIS discs have the serial numbers printed in black latters, but the font is much bigger than what is shown in the picture.

If you can’t find this other serial number, the one shown in the picture you posted does not match any of the manufacturers I mentioned. It may be a Moser Baer style serial number, but I’m not familiar with those. Do a search in this forum for Moser Baer, Verbatim and serial. I think someone posted about Moser Baer serial numbers for Verbatims some time ago. That information will help you confirm if this is a Moser Baer made Verbatim.

If it isn’t, then the disc is probably fake. It doesn’t appear to be made by the other 3 Verbatim manufacturers.