Fake disc



Is there any available software that it will tell or show that the disc (+r/rw, -r/rw) are fake other than nero cd/dvd speed etc.? Or on otherway around, Is it possible that one of fields in “media-code block” (dvd identifier) will give you information that the disc is fake? If indeed in what address?

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One way is to compare the media code DVD Identifier shows to that of the same media under the videohelp.com media database (http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia). The database contains only genuine media codes for almost every manufacturer / brand out there; so you’ll know whether yours is genuine or not.


Thanks for your prompt reply…what about those disc which is most likely have the same media codes but a very poor quality performance? For my opinion pirating the media codes is very easy for those who really know how to make fake disc by degrading and reducing the properties of substrate to earn lot of money which of course significantly affects the quality performance. You really need sophisticated equipment such as DVD CATS if the disc is conforming to the standard.


Is this for TY media?


Its not only the substrate also the dye and the stamper which costs them


We are looking if we can add secondary information to DVD-identifier to determine fake media.
More as TY in this case.
Because TY is not the only brands that’s being faked.


This would be handy as there are some of us not trying to pass discs off as genuine TY. I think there should be an ammendment to the MID for those who want to use a particular strategy but also identify the original manufacturer or manufacturer code.


Let me say this if the drive manufacturers did there job like Philips and BENQ did then fakeing shouldn’t be needed.
About MID. Currently I’m doing some more research on if it’s protected and if TY can sue the compannies yes or no.
I have some reasons to doubt the info in MAM-A press release that it’s not protected.


Hi dakhaas,

If you mind, what Philips and BenQ did to ignore fake media? Do they implement strategy to overcome all those known problem which usually found on all fake media such as physical defects, substrate and dye problem etc.? Or they just compensating (e.g titlted disc) the problem but not eliminating at all?


Well I don’t think it is protected as they can only take legal action over misleading the customer on the basis that they might look at the MID and assume it is genuine media.

For me this is rubbish because if you know to look for the MID then you know about serial numbers and country of origin.