Fake Cell Phone Number



I need to change my cell phone number briefly to receive a text, help me please??!!


Your phone number is locked on your sim card. Together with the IMEI number of your phone it allows you to connect to the network.

If you want to be anonymous in sending and recieving then get another phone and another sim card. Pay cash and show no identification. Or better yet, make someone else do that for you.


If you want an “incognito” phone get yourself to a walmart and buy whatever tracfone they sell for the least money.

then activate it online and you automatically get activation minutes
(typically 20minutes of call time) and a 60day activation

An incomming text usually burns 1/2 of one unit.

This should all run you ~$15.



I think the OP is confused, he just has to turn that feature on, and then go into the Text Area of his Phone. Phone Numbers can not be easily changed by the User. They are assigned and programmed by your Provider. :cool:


I guess, the original poster signed up somewhere and entered a fake mobile phone #. Now, something of importance shall be transmitted via text message. To the fake # entered previously. :rolleyes:

I think, we can safely say, someone just shot in his own foot.
Phone numbers are maintained by the phone company, and there is no way for the customer to (temporary) change the phone number.