Fake 10GB or 20GB on normal CD ? how can it be?

some time ago I saw that someone offered fake 10GB, 20GB CD. I don’t know how he made that normal CD looked like 20GB. I didn’t care.…
but now I have an “original” Microsoft CD (SQL Server 4in1) witch contains 4 directories each 500MB (theoretical of course when I look at the size of CD it contains only 600MB).
How is this possible?
How can I make such tricks?
Is there any software that enables such things?
Is it possible with CloneCD?

The Microsoft CD probably uses a method where it maps duplicate files to the same physical sectors on the cd. This is done with an internal Microsoft utility called cdimage.


It is made by making a fake table fo contents. With the right tools, its actually quite easy… check tzcopyprotection for instance

Yes Clone CD reads in RAW mode and can therefore bypass this fake filesize report.

thx :bow:
i will try it :slight_smile:

Yep just a fake TOC, 100% useless!

Not really. Illegal TOC can be a menace. MediaCloq has this where it tells the reader that the Data Tracks are audio tracks. So when reading the tracks, you get a bit of a problem. But normally, Illegal TOC is a piece of cake to handle.