FairUse4WM program not working with Windows Media Player 11

I had WMP10 and FairUse4wm working on my laptop but when I updated to WMP11, two things started to happen. 1) all my downloads automatically went to temporary internet files (in past I could name where the download would be saved) and 2) FairUse4wm gave me warning that I didn’t have the proper license. I know that I had a licence because WMP was letting me listen to the downloaded material.
I then reverted back to WM10 but I still have the same problem. Also now cant find my WM10 listed on the computer’s control panel.
Any advice?


what do you mean that you know you ‘had a license’? do you still have the license? I’m 99% sure the fairuse4wm prog doesn’t work with WMP11, as you found out.
how did you revert back to WMP10? thats weird you wouldn’t be able to find it in your list of programs. you should be able to at least go to C:/program files/windows media player and find wmp.exe and create a shortcut to the program. if you don’t have that folder/file you’ll have to download it from ms or somewhere.

I am able to play the audio book on my windows media player so I have a license for the book.
I decided to uninstall WMP11 and at that time the computer asked if I wanted to revert back to the previous edition of WMP. I indicated yes.
When I look in the C:/ program files for windows media I don’t find a wmp.exe and can’t tell if I have WMP10. I tried to use System Restore Wizard this morning and it failed.