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Is there anyone who can tell me more about this nice program it is for dvd-ripping?


Fair Use?! Is that a prog?! Never heard of it! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Fair Use?! Is that a prog?! Never heard of it! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is quite new but It rocks big time you can download it here

The FairUse Wizard is a tool for converting your DVD-Video material into the DivX AVI form.

what’s new
• Audio demuxing has been added; currently only AC3 streams are supported; audio decoding and combining are still unsupported, so it’s not idiot-proof yet
• A new “diff tracking” encoding mode has been added; see the notes section lower down for details
• All encodings are now done in the one process, and all timeouts have been removed, so it doesn’t matter how much the CPU is loaded by other tasks
• Added a confirmation dialog so that it’s more difficult to abort long processes accidently; this is only on the main GUI window; if you close the diagnostic window the program will terminate immediately
• Changed output FourCC from “div3” to “DIV3” for increased compatibility with other programs/operating systems
• Changed the IFO parser to correctly handle DVDs with missing titles; also some DVDs with IFO errors (like The Day of the Jackal R2) will no longer cause a crash
• Changed the video decoder to ignore the MPEG2 temporal reference field; this field can sometimes be wrong, and it would cause “cloning frame …” messages and sync problems
• Changed the resizer to follow ITU-R BT.601 standard; images will be about 2% “shorter and fatter” than they were before
• Fixed a bug that caused the quality setting of the decoder to be indeterminate; this could cause the quality of different encodings to be “weighted” differently and would cause the cross-cutter to be biased; image quality is now measured with the frame always decoded at quality level 0
• Fixed a bug with the subtitle colors (the chroma channels were swapped)
• Codec DLLs are now stored in the EXE file, and not as separate files; the old FU-FM.DLL and FU-LM.DLL can be deleted
• Adjusted the keyframe min/max interval code to ignore keyframes that were inserted to fix gross errors; this keeps keyframes more consistent across encodings
• The encodings/session limit has been increased from 10 to 30
• The maximum audio bitrate has been increased from 512 kbit/s to 1024 kbits/s

A you can see a gather some info about this tool.
Just try it and let me know if you like this tool