Fair Use For Windows Media- extracts description keys from media player

Just saw this Freeware over at BetaNews and I am thinking if it does what I think it does, it ain’t gonna be around long! You can download it here. Only 218k. This could come in handy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a comment from one reviewer at BetaNews: "It removes the MS DRM version 10 and 11 from protected music files. For example Napster.

So you can play them on any OS etc.

I’ve heard it works 100%. Get it now before MS get on the phone to their lawyers"

FairUse4WM 1.1Publisher’s Description:
FairUse4WM will extract the personally identifiable information (description keys) from Media Player for the purpose of allowing the user to improve the interoperability of legitimately acquired media files. At least one file with an active license is necessary.

This works really well. I’ve been using tunebite/soundtaxi to do this, but obviously they’re just rencoding the audio vs simply removing the DRM. This is much faster and lossless, which makes it totally awesome.

It’ll also zap the DRM from wmv’s as well, which is really nice :slight_smile:


Thanks - I rarely buy protected music but i’m sure this will come handy now and then :slight_smile:

For shame Crabby. I would have thought that you of all people would know that when things like this are posted on discussion forums, the methods are stopped almost always shortly after. Now MS and Napster will release more updates to cover this patch, and it will be over for all of us. NO!!!

It’s on BetaNews for heavens sake! Not to mention Gizmodo, Doom9, Videohelp, MacDailyNews, AfterDawn and Digg. Besides, Engadget just posted this. I think this forum post is like a fart in a whirlwind compared to the open letter to Microsoft. :eek:

I am afraid you are behind the times my friend. The app. in question was released on Doom9 and has been discussed since August 19th over at Doom9 by the Developer. That is 6 days before Crabbyappleton mentioned it.


This is unbelieveably fast . . . awesome.