Fair Use at the center of lawsuit



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It’s about time these studios acknoledge that sending takedowns to remove everything from the web is not something society will tolerate. IF the EFF can shut that rampent censorship down, that will be great for every virtually internet user on the face of the earth (except those who have something to gain from internet censorship).

That is, unless an international copyright treaty is passed, in which case, we can probably kiss freedom and democracy goodbye.


Laws and rulings passed by the money, for the money. And we can’t even claim this is the best government that money can buy because no one believes that either. It’s just the current year’s model.


Here’s the studio part I find comical…

Which means that the copyright holders feel that they do not have to determine whether or not something is actually legal when placed on the net.

Copyright Holders

Don’t they mean the Artist the created the music whom received nothing much less hay for their artistic work. This is a laughable industry they talk about copyright holders but in the same breath forgets the Music Artists was the one that made the money for them. Maybe if they actually paid for the blood/sweet/tears the Artists did then the broken GREED would be fixed permanently but MONEY speaks and I doubt it.