Faint subtitles

I just tried the trial version of 1Click - my first mpeg file was created. So far, so good. There is just one issue - the DVD I’m copying is a series of music videos with lyrics for singing-along. When you are playing the DVD, you can choose to have lyrics on or lyrics off. I want to create an mpeg file with the lyrics on. The mpeg file I created HAS the lyrics, but they are very faint - very transparent. This is not what they look like when you play the DVD itself.

Any ideas regarding how to adjust this?


Just out of curiosity, how did you get 1Click to create mpeg files? If you copy the dvd to harddrive or to another dvd you are going to get .ifo, .vob and .bup files. As to subtitles, you don’t get with with 1Click unless you go into options and select them. When selected, I have never seen them go “transparent.”

I went to Output Settings and was able to choose MPEG.

That option is not available in 1Click DVD Copy!

Are you by chance using a program called 1Click Divx To DvD??? They are totaly different products!

I didn’t realize they are different - I’m sorry, I must be using the other one.

I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

1Click Divx to DVD goes the other direction – Mpeg to DVD. I’m not sure what Ivanvoor is using, but I don’t think it’s a 1Click product.

Thanks Bigboard! I have not used that product in about a year. For lack of a better term I thought it Swung Both Ways. :eek: :clap: :bigsmile:

I don’t suppose it was an IWorship karaoke DVD was it? I had the same problem with a different program, I was trying to rip it to a format I could use natively with EasyWorship without having to leave the DVD in the drive.