Faimous Films a new movie empire has formed are you ready?

Hello, I stumbled across this site a week back and it seems very intresting and I like it :smiley: they’re going to be making a full length movie.

From what I have read it seems Faimous Films runs on these key concepts/principles:

  1. Global Filming: The main concept behind Faimous Films is the ability to shoot a movie from different places in the WORLD, using different crews from each location! This has NEVER been tried before! But it will prove to be VERY REWARDING when it is successfully accomplished!

  2. Community: We are ALL in this for making the movie! And those who are not, well, they are here for moral support, which is encouraged!!!

  3. Shared Decisions: As a team, we work together to create a movie from scratch. This is everything, from writing the script, creating marketing ideas, making music and graphic designs! EVERYONE is encouraged to join in! This even includes our decision making process! The community decides!

  4. Fun & Teamwork: We will all be good friends within our community, as we are ALL trying to help one another to achieve our final goal… Making the Movie!

  5. Learning: No one is born a “movie genius”! So, in our best efforts we will find that we need to learn many things. And the community will help us to accomplish that!

Their site is http://www.FaimousFilms.com and they are searching for people to help them out in the making of the movie, I would really suggest to vist the site. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts about this, then please reply :slight_smile:

Today the first teaser trailer is out from Faimouse Films and it looks Coolllll and it also got my voice in it :smiley: WooOOOOOHaAaaaaa :bigsmile:


So if you ever wanted to play in a movie or be someone of the crew read the above look at the trailer and go to the site, cos this is YOUR change to BE faimouse. :smiley:

Dont YOU wannabe? :smiley:

Hmm, interesting concept, I wonder if I would have anything good to contribute.

Who knows :smiley: Mace I should suggest try it out. :slight_smile:

Quote from the admin over there:
"This section is for people who might THINK they have nothing to offer but really do! You would be amazed at the skills we look for in people! Like translators, marketing degrees, homemakers, business professionals, hair dressers, designers, typists, clerks, etc.

So, start your own topic and post what you could possibly do for Faimous Films! Like I said, it can be ANYTHING! Well, within rules, of course…" :slight_smile:

Yeah, come along in Mace :bigsmile: everyone is welcome, and everyone has something to contribute.


I’d think i’d make a nice translator
done it before for divx subs

Well… :smiley: you know where to go to for that now, to be a translator:)

Great mace, I don’t think anyone’s even thought of subtitles yet. Drop by (I think you’ve registered already?) and post How YOU can help Faimous Films.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: