Failures with buring Paramount DVDs

I continue to get the same failures burning Paramount DVDs

I currently use a combination of the following programs
DVD shrink
RipIt4Me & associated progs
DVD Decrypter

none have the ability to rip Paramount DVDs

does anyone have any suggestions on how to rip?

Yes!.. Try a current/updated ripper like DVDFab or AnyDVD…And may I suggest Imgburn along with reliable media(e.g verbs, TY’s)…Any nero burn logs?..
BTW, welcome!..

thanx for welcome…

ok so if i was to purchase DVDFab then this would categorically burn Paramount DVD’s ??? y/n?

DVDFab is updated quite regularly and should handle most any movie you run into. The only exceptions to that are movie releases that have a new form of protection added. It usually takes a few days to get an update to deal with them.

DVDFab’s trial is free to use, and fully functional. But if you don’t want to pay for the full version, there is a free section within DVDFab called DVDFab HD Decrypter. It will continue to function as a decryption/ripping program even after the trial ends. There are a few caveats however. DVDFab HD Decrypter is missing a few capabilities that the commercial version has…you can’t make ISO’s with it, nor can you compress to fit a single layer dvd. And the free version is not updated as quickly as the paid one. It will lag behind anywhere from 30 to 60 days on copy protection abilities.

Some people make use of the free section of DVDFab for decryption/ripping, then use DVDShrink for compression. So it is possible to continue using free tools, as long as you aren’t in a hurry for the latest movie releases.

But the full version of DVDFab is quite capable and should meet your needs.

I personally use AnyDVD as my decryption program. I combine it with DVDShrink or DVD Rebuilder when I need to compress to fit a single layer dvd.

ok… so AnyDVD is a better program then for these purposes???

No, not better…just different. DVDFab is an all in one program that can decrypt/rip/compress and burn to a single layer dvd. Another strong point is that it is updated quite regularly.

AnyDVD runs in the background and breaks encryption. You can use it in combination with other tools…I like the free ones, DVDShrink and DVD Rebuilder. AnyDVD also has a built in ripping engine, so you can use it to put the entire movie on the hard drive and work with it from there. But AnyDVD has no native compression abilities, and no way to burn by itself. I use a great, free burning program called ImgBurn for that.
AnyDVD is updated just as quickly, sometimes even faster, than DVDFab.

Both are good tools. I just prefer AnyDVD. I have the HD version of AnyDVD which will rip blu ray.

And for any regular dvd that requires a lot of compression, I use DVD Rebuilder Pro, which uses an mpeg2 encoder rather than the transcoders seen in DVDFab or DVDShrink. It is slower, but produces higher quality output.

thanks for the info… greatly appreciated all…

ok AnyDVD HD i shall try must i pay for? or can i get free somewhere?

There is a free, fully functional trial for AnyDVD, but no free version of any kind.

I have now installed FULL paid for version of ANYDVD and tried burning the Paramount DVD’s but come up with the error when starting DVD Shrink to burn after AnyDVD has run.

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

Out of memory.

The parameter is incorrect.

is there something going wrong with this that i can correct?

Try ripping the movie to the hard drive with the ripper built into AnyDVD. Then work with the movie off the hard drive with DVDShrink.

You access the built in ripper by [B]right[/B] clicking the little fox icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. You will get an option to [I]Rip Video DVD to Harddisc. [/I]

This is sometimes necessary when using DVDShrink + AnyDVD on movies that have a lot of structural protection, but this is fairly rare.

DVDShrink is a stickler for correct dvd video structure. Some people will rip to the hard drive with AnyDVD, then run the movie through FixVTS before opening the files with DVDShrink. I haven’t found this to be necessary for any movie I have bought in the last few years however. The ripper within AnyDVD normally does a good job.

If you’ve used RipIt4Me in the past, then you should be familiar with FixVTS, since it was part of that package.

Kerry you ROCK !!!

problem solved… can burn Paramount DVD’s successfully now

thanx all for the help