Failure to write -R/W DVD's

Recently purchased a Samsung DVD writer SH-S182D(TS-H652D) that came with a bundled package of software including Nero Express 6. Have had no trouble burning DVD movies to -R disks, but when I try to burn to a -R/W disk, it goes through the entire burn procedure but, when it’s done, the disk is blank.
I have been able to use the InCD function, so I know it can write to a -R/W disk, but it won’t do a DVD burn function. I have contacted Nero twice on this issue. It takes about 2 weeks to get a reply, and so far they’ve just shrugged their shoulders.
I’m enclosing a copy of the log from my last attempt.

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Try uninstalling InCD, that part of Nero can cause problems.

Are you intentionally only burning at 2x?

Try what Arachne say’s with InCD and you don’t have much ram so shut down whatever else you have running when burning.

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Didn’t realize I was running at 2X, though I don’t see why a lower writing speed would affect things. I will try dumping lnCD since I don’t really use it anyway. Thanks.

Got rid of InCD. Tried burning again. Still turned up with a blank DVD, though it goes through all the motions of copying. Only option it gives me is 2x on the burning, but the disc I’m using is a 1x-2x, so even though I have it set to max, it must be determining that I’m using a slower disk. Any other ideas?