Failure to Read Sector & Safedisk alt


i was trying to make a copy of my nfs porches unleashed and when using clonyxxl it says that its got safedisk alt and bad sectors? when switching to clone cd it keeps logging failed to resector XXXX , failed 1st copy then tried to write to file and still failed to read sector errors in log.

i don’t see safedisk alt anywhere and can’t find anything posted about it either.

im new to the program so any help is appreciated.

thank you,
southern belle

Just read and write the CD with the safedisk profile and you should be fine. Its normal to get these errors while reading the disk for the first 10000sectors or so. When you get past them the reading process should fasten up.

Note : SafeDisc Alt I think is German for SafeDisc Old, a.k.a SafeDisc V1. BTW you can download the CloneCD Profiles here.

Good Luck!!!:smiley: