Failure to burn dvd9

OS: win7 ultimate x64 + SP1
Board: Gigabyte Z87-D3HP
LG: GH24NS95
Program: ImgBurn 2.5.8
Media: Verbatim dvd+r dl
Speed: x4
did I miss any important detail?

I fail each time I try to burn DVD9 of data (not a movie or dvd format).
but on my older xp pc with 2GB ram and core-2-duo cpu and a bit older LG GH22 I succeed.
How come? what can I do? (since eventually the old pc will be given away)
Is there a point in adding the old lg to th new pc?

What is the error you see?

“L-EC Uncorrectable Error” during verification with Verbatim
on other media it fails already during the writing phase

Also at 4x spped?

I burn DL only at x4 speed like I said in the beginning post
but my pc is new and quite powerful, maybe too strong so maybe I’ll try at x8

I spent years burning DVD blanks at 4x on Pioneer IDEs, but 8x and even 16x have proved more reliable with modern (SATA) burners and especially with BluRay burners on the 16x-rated media.

It’s not the computer - it’s the burner and the media that you need to ‘sync up’, and there’s a risk of wasting a few before discovering the optimal link between your burner and your choice of media. Unfortunately, every batch of media can be different, too, so there’s always going be ‘that risk’.

Can you put the GH24 in the older Core 2 Duo machine and test it there?

ChristineBCW, thank you! will try

Albert, don’t know if I can because the new LG is sata 3 and I don’t have sata3 on the XP, but the GH22 burns on the XP without a problem. Isn’t it quite the same as your suggestion?

The C2D machine should still have an SATA port. If the GH22 is a GH22N[B]S[/B]… or GH22LS…, then the system has SATA and you can try the GH24N[B]S[/B]95. Or maybe the machine still has an available SATA port to try, anyway. :slight_smile:

If you can try the GH24 in the older system, it’ll hopefully put the focus on the drive itself. If it didn’t work in the older system, it would mean that the drive is bad.

Albert, even if it works the xp is on its way out since it is very old. so maybe i’ll move the old GH22NS to the new one. the GH24 has the latest firmware and I trust win7 that it has the correct drivers/ anyway it doesn’t give me any trouble when burning dvd5 with x8 speed. the only question is do I have a free socket in win7 (I have 4 hard disks)…