Failure Burning first DVD DL with samsung TS-H552B

This is my first attempt to burn a DVD DL with my DVD writer samsung TS-H552B.
In order to be sucessfull, I upgrade the firmware of the writer with the last one available (TS10) and I used the last NERO version.
Result seems very bad and it’s impossible to read correctly the DVD both with the DVD Writer and my Pioneer DVD 525 (which is norma

I forgot to give you some information : media used : VERBATIM DL, speed writing : 2,4, ISO image burning (so second layer switch strictly equal to original DVD.

The burned DVD can be read until the second layer sxitch (my interpretation !) but it’s impossible to go to the second layer ; it’s possible to reach chapters after the second layer switch.

Could you explain me the result of the test (i understand nothing !), give me some advice to improve.

Anyway, I would like to buy a better DVD burner able to wrute DBD DL ; what is now the best choice ?


try using dvd decrypter in "iso read* mode to copy the disc to the HD then “iso write” mode to copy the disc 1:1…its the most stable way to do a DL 1 to 1 copy…i wouldn’t use any other app…nero does well at vob files and such but not when it comes to burning dl…stick with dvd decrypter

the red area of the disc is where the disc was burned too fast…or overburned…your burner might not be able to do it properly but i would try using dvd decrypter to burn then do a disc quality test again…then u’ll know…

my 3520 does well at 2.4x on DL discs.