Failed when writing DVD [2016]?!?!?!?

I downloaded the trial version of DVDFab Platinum (working Gold) and started to copy my movie. The reading part went fine but when i inserted my blank Memorex DVD-R - i got the error message of:

Failed when writing DVD [2016]

Anyone know how to fix this???

Thanks in advance


Hi Randy,

A number of possibilities.
First off, at times, fab can be temperamental with re: to -R media, at least with certain versions and burners. Also, memorex is notoriously unreliable media - very inconsistent. Almost everyone has tried them and moved on.
Try a quality media, like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and also give +R a shot…a +rw here would be fine.

Please post some specifics, ie., burner model, media code. You can obtain the media code via tools such as Nero CD-DVD Speed.
(Just click on the link and it will open the latest version as you click download).

Hope this helps.

I am getting the same error:
I’m using a BENQ DVD DD EW162I USB burner with V5.1.2535.0 driver
media info

very frustrating :frowning:

You need to set book type to DVD-ROM using Qsuite or Fab. Never try to set book type on -R discs


Thanks for fast response! Wow!

: (

Fab was set to the right book type already…

Take a close look at this page Blank DVD Media Quality Guide and read carefully under 3RD CLASS MEDIA:.
If you should still not be convinced you may use VSO Inspector (free) from VSO Software (same burning engine as DVDFab) and compare/test your DVD-burner and DVD-nedia combination with other people that may already be using same combo setup (huge data bank). Then, you’ll be talking the same language.
VSO Inspector v1.1.4


you were right pcdinterfaces - poor quality media was my problem - no combination of setting can write on crap…

Thanks for all you help - shame you can’t tell when you put your dollar down exactly what you are getting. There should be a law - like for food labels or cigarette packs.